Bushnell's Riflescope Accessories

In addition to their vast riflescope offerings, Bushnell also has many accessories for the serious hunter and shooter. Their goal, in providing these outstanding accessories and riflescopes, is to become the one-stop shop for all serious shooters. They aim to provide all of the equipment necessary to make this hunting season the best one ever for their clients.

The Magnetic Bore Sighter

They feature a Magnetic Bore Sighter that works on all calibers and firearms. Their design does away with the need for arbors. It magnetically attaches to the muzzle to create a quick sighting in and focus for the hunter. In addition, it has an etched glass reticle.

.50 Caliber to 12-Gauge Arbor

This is an expandable arbor that is the perfect accessory for the shotgunner or muzzleloader. It fits both professional and deluxe boresighters.

Laser Boresighter

They also have a bright, battery-powered laser that makes boresighting that much easier. They created it for serious gunsmiths and shooters and it includes arbors for .22 through .50 caliber firearms.

Professional Bore Sighter with Case

Next, Bushnell has a Professional Bore Sighter that comes with a case. This incredible compact case has three expandable arbors that can cover calibers from .22 through .45.


Bushnell offers two types of rings for rifleshooting. They have a Two-Piece .22 Ring set that include rigid and easy to install rings that work with any standard .22 rifle or airgun. These have a matte finish and work easily and conveniently. They also have the Two-Piece 1" Rings. These work by pulling the clamp ring down and around the scope. This creates a secure, fit that is free of recoil. These rings also have a matte finish.

15 Arbor Deluxe Kit

For the hunter who wants to have it all in one location, Bushnell has the 15 Arbor Deluxe Kit. This kit is gunsmith quality and includes 15 arbors for the shooter who wants diversity. The arbors here include the .177, .22, 6mm, .25, 6.5mm, .27, 7mm, .30, .32, .338, .35, .375, .44, .45 and the .50.

Bushnell's accessories are just one more example of their ample offerings and their desire for quality. They make only the best riflescope accessories, ensuring that customers get exactly the products they need for their riflescopes every time.