Millett's Tactical Scopes

If you're in the market for a tactical rifle scope, then Millett has a great one for you. Since their introduction of the TRS-1, they have made a number of improvements based on the feedback they've received from customers and based on their own evaluations. Millett is committed to pleasing customers with the best products on the market today. Their tactical rifle scope is one example of this pledge.

Main Features of the TRS-1

These tactical scopes have one-piece aluminum tubes for strength. They have multi-coated lenses to create a sharp picture in any light condition. Their nitrogen filled fog-proof lenses are perfect for cold and damp situations. They have a side-focus ranging knob to create accurate long-range shooting. All of the knobs, for windage, elevation, zoom ring and side-focus are large and easy to use with gloves or with wet hands. They have adjustable green Mil-Dot crosshairs for use in low-light conditions and a glass-etched reticle for strength and accuracy.

Customer Comment Changes and More

Each TRS-1 by Millett today has the Millett Mil-DotBar reticle. This makes it easy to range and figure Mils. Due to complaints about the low-light use, they have also changed the brightness of the green reticle to a lower level when it's on the illuminated reticle. This gives it better low-light use. In order to make the scope less noticeable, they removed the reflective markings on it and they've added a detent at 10X power to make it easier to use.

New for 2009

For 2009, Millett has created a TRS-2 to join the TRS-1. This is a fixed 10X scope that has all of the same features as the TRS-1. It's for people who want to have a set-power scope.

Other Improvements for 2009

Based on customer response and company evaluations, Millett has made a number of improvements to the TRS models for 2009. Many shooters asked for lower settings on the TRS. The settings for NV to level 5 are now reduced in brightness by 40%. This will give a more useful range of illumination. The bright settings have been left as they were, with their bright green look that shooters have commented that they like. Now, rather than loosening three small screws on the windage and elevation turrets, you'll be able to use only one large screw on top of the knob to set the zero mark. The screw is held in place on its own, so you won't lose it when you loosen it. Another improvement involves the zoom ring. It is now smaller in over-all diameter since some customers complained that the bolt handle would hit the zoom ring on the TRS. The reduced size of the ring will help to get rid of this problem. It still maintains the positive grip that allows for use with gloves.

Millett is thrilled with the improvements that they've made to the TRS series and they look forward to sharing these improvements with the shooting and hunting communities.