Mueller Answers to FAQs

When you purchase a Mueller scope, or are in the market to do so, you know that you are getting a high quality scope at an unbeatable price. There are often a number of questions that a company like Mueller sees asked quite frequently. Here, we try to answer scope buyers' must common questions and help you to understand what makes Mueller such a great choice.

Mueller Prices

Question: Why are Mueller scopes less expensive than so many other scopes? The price makes me nervous!

Answer: This is a question that Mueller Optics sees a lot. It's interesting that people always assume that a good, trusted product has to be expensive. Much of what makes products expensive is their advertising. If they take away their large advertising budget, they could actually lower their price a good deal and sell the same, outstanding product to their customers for less. This is what Mueller does. They use word of mouth endorsements rather than spending their money on large advertising campaigns. In this way, they are able to offer the same high quality scopes that other companies offer for less money.

Instruction Manual

Question: What do you do if you've lost your instructions to your Mueller scope?

Answer: The instructions to each of the scopes are available online and can be downloaded for your convenience. Simply go to Mueller's website and you'll find the information there.

Mueller Warranty

Question: What is the Mueller warranty? What does it include?

Answer: Most Mueller scopes have a limited lifetime warranty. All of the details about the specific warranty for the scope can be found in the product features on the product pages about that scope.

Great Features

Question: What are EuroCoated Lenses that your scopes say they all have?

Answer: First, Mueller lenses are precision ground and polished with top quality optical glass. Then, the lenses are coated using 11 layers of EuroCoat on all of the air-to-glass surfaces and they are heat treated. EuroCoat creates many benefits for the scope. It enhances clarity, it improves the contrast and it helps to create the maximum amount of light transmission for the eye. The combination of the Mueller lenses and the EuroCoat create a sharp sight picture and a bright view. These features are usually found only on much more expensive scopes.

Coating Lingo

Question: Can you explain all of your coating terms?

Answer: Coated means that the lens surfaces are coated. These help to enhance clarity and light transmission. Multi-coated means that either one, or more than one, surface has been coated with more than one film. Fully Multi-Coated means that all air-to-glass surfaces have been coated with multiple films. Finally, Euro-Coated means that all air-to-glass surfaces are Fully Multi-Coated with 11 layers of the EuroCoat. They are also heat treated to reduce the glare and to give users a bright sight picture.

These answers should demonstrate to potential consumers that Mueller is committed to giving shooters the best scopes on the market today at the lowest possible prices. Come and see what a difference a Mueller can make for you!