Simmons Scopes Overview

Many scope enthusiasts were eager to see what would become of the Simmons rifle scopes when they were bought out by Meade Instruments of California. These scopes have only become more advanced since the buy out and have proven the power of the Simmons rifle scopes. For those looking for a high power, high quality scope, this new line of Simmons Master Series scopes is the one for you. Here is a brief explanation of each of the Master Series scopes.

Master Series Aetec

This scope line has Simmons' patented TrueZero flex erector system, and great windage and elevation dials. It has very precise MOA adjustments and helps to ensure that your shot reaches the target with its consistent shot placement.

Master Series Prohunter

Simmons includes both rifle scopes and shotgun scopes in this category. This is a lightweight and highly accurate scope line with Simmons' patented TrueZero adjustment system.

Master Series Prodiamond

These shotgun scopes give great accuracy under virtually any conditions. Every scope in this series has the QTA eyepiece which ensures that the shooter will be able to quickly find the target. It has up to 5.5 inches of eye relief and uses the TrueZero adjustment system.

Master Series Prosport

This series includes both riflescopes and shotgun scopes with great accuracy, and low prices. These scopes have the TrueZero adjustment system and the QTA eyepiece with up to 5.5 inches of eye relief.

Master Series Crossbow

The Master Series Crossbow Scopes include crossbow reticles that indicate bolt drops at 20, 30 and 40 yards. They also include the QTA eyepiece and the TrueZero adjustment system.

22 Mag Series

The 22 Mag Series includes rimfire scopes. These are some of the most popular rimfire scopes sold in America today. They include the TrueZero adjustment and the QTA quick target acquisition eyepiece.

Blazer Line

This line of scopes is intended to allow the shooter a precise scope at an unbeatable price. These are entry level scopes, often best for people who are just learning to hunt or for those who are new to using scopes. The Blazer line combines precision and accuracy at a price that can't be beat.

Prohunter Handgun Line

These handgun scopes are a perfect accompaniment to any pistol. They have a long eye relief, ½ and ¼ MOA adjustments, and are waterproof, fogproof and shock proof. They come in either black or silver matte finishes and provide a bright image.

Red Dot Line

These scopes are perfect for handguns, crossbows, shotguns and paintball guns. They make zeroing a cinch with their clicktype, 1 MOA windage and elevation adjustments. The Red Dot line makes target acquisition a piece of cake!

Rimfire Line

These scopes are small in size and big in function. They have ¾ inch tubes for smaller rifles. They are calibrated parallax free at 50 yards for shorter rimfire ranges. They are perfect for mounting on a rimfire rifle, and come complete with a set of rings to do so.

Enjoy this extensive line of Simmons scopes and find exactly the right scope for your needs. With so many lines of scopes from which to choose, you're sure to find just the right scope for your target.