Swarovski Presents..........

Swarovski is proud to be a leading supplier of scopes and other optics products. They employ over 630 people worldwide and had their total sales for the year 2005 amounting to 80 million euros. They have distribution companies in the United States, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Austria, the Benelux countries and Eastern Europe. The Swarovski Optik brand is on five continents with distribution partners in over 30 countries!

Swarovski Philosophy

Swarovski Optik focuses on having the highest optical performance in all of their riflescopes and other products. They want functional innovations and cutting edge designs and have been successful in carving a position for themselves as one of the premier companies that offers sports optics. Their CEO, Carina Schiestl-Swarovsk, is a woman and mother of two who has been the CEO since 2006. Her favorite activity is to hike in nature with her family and she feels that the company's core product is to provide customers with the "enjoyment that comes from the precise, close-up view of remote natural wonders."

Swarovski Optik New for 2009

Z6 3-18x50

Swarovski Optik is very excited with its most recent product. They've recently announced the Z6 3-18x50 which will extend the success that the Z6 scope has had. It has all of the amazing benefits offered already by the Z6 and is particularly helpful when hunting in low light conditions. It will have an accurate target image at almost any distance with its HD optic and 3rd turret parallax correction. This riflescope adds onto the success of the Z6 models, with this version that is so great in low lighting situations. The BR reticle, designed for long distance shooters, will also be available to customers. Albert Wannenmacher, the CEO of Swarovksi Optik North America says that he is very excited to bring this product to market and that it will be a great addition to the American shooter.

Z6 (i) 2.5-15x44

In addition, Swarovski Optik is thrilled to offer the Z6 (i) 2.5-15x44. This riflescope enables high precision with a smaller objective recticle, designed for long distance shooting. The hunter using this riflescope will have reliable long distance shots with the 15x magnification with parallax correction. This will be particularly true in rough terrain and in situations where weight and distance become important.

Z6(i) 2.5-15x56

Finally, this riflescope offers all of the benefits of the Z6 series and is particularly well-suited for hunting in poor lighting conditions. It has both HD optic and 3rd turret parallax correction which ensure an accurate target image at any distance. It is available, like all other Z6 models, with or without reticle illumination. There will also be the BR Reticle, designed for long distance shooters, available with this model.