Swarovski Optik New Products

Swarovski Optik is proud to offer a number of fine new products. These products live up to the same high standard of workmanship as all of their other products.

EL 42 Binoculars

The EL 42 binoculars have SWAROVISION technology that specifically ensures viewing comfort. This is especially the case for people who wear eyeglasses, a unique feature. These binoculars use field flattener lens, creating a fantastic image that has bright resolution and no edge distortion.

In addition, these binoculars minimize color fringing and guarantee great images with the highest resolution possible. They include a sturdy, removable twist-in eyecup to allow adaptation of the individual distance between the ocular lens and the eye. There is also a new focusing wheel that is non-slip, sturdy, and easy to use. With only two turns, you can change the settings from a close focus one to infinity.

Furthermore, the binoculars are easy to handle, even when it is cold outside. The ergonomic thumb rests allow you to perfectly balance your equipment for optimal observation. All of the new EL 42s have a water-repellent bag, protective caps for the eyepieces and objectives and a Snap Shot adapter. The Snap Shot adaptor cleverly allows you to connect a digital camera to your binoculars for fantastic photographs at long distances.

Z5 Riflescope

Another new product from Swarvski Optik is the Z5 rifle scope. This rifle scope has a 5x zoon and a 1-inch design. It is a slim rifle scope that, nevertheless, offers a large field of view. Designed for harsh conditions and rugged terrain, it is completely reliable. These scopes are going to come in both 3.5-18x44 and 5-25x52. It will also be available with standard reticles, long range reticles and with the Swarovski Optik Ballistic Turret. They hope that the Z5 will take the standards of the one inch rifle scope to an entirely new level.

Swarvski Optik is proud of these new products and hopes that they will fill a gap in the market and that customers will enjoy these innovative and durable new products for the coming season.