Style with Swarovski Optik

Swarovski Optik has a fascinating background and an incredible history of making high-quality optics products and other products for an international market. They are headquartered in Absam, in the Austrian state of Tyrol and are best known for producing polished jewelry stones and crystal products, grinding and cutting tools, and sports optics. While this could seem like an unusual combination of specialties, they pride themselves on their diversity. They believe that the main link that combines all of these activities is their amazing production engineering know-how and their never-ending quest for precision and accuracy.

Swarovski History

Swarovski Optik is part of the Austrian Swarovski Group. In 1895 Daniel Swarovski first established the family-owned company. Today, the company includes many smaller branches, providing the international market with everything from hunting scopes and tripods to beautiful jewelry and cutting tools. In 1935, Wilhelm Swarovski wanted to add to the company that his father had begun. Wilhelm used the specialized glass production and finishing technologies that were already available in his father’s factory to create his first binocular. From that point, he went on to found Swarovski Optik in 1949 and to integrate this company into his father’s large business. His company’s initial serial product, the Habicht 7 x 42 still leads the way for hunting optics.

Details About Swarovski Optik

Today, the Swarovski Optik company sells binoculars, telescopes, riflescopes, range finders, image intensifiers and more. They are used around the globe by people who love the great outdoors and who want to add precision and intensity to their outdoor experiences. They employ over 630 people worldwide with total sales in 2005 estimated at 80 million euros. They export 90% of their products to the USA, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, and Easter Europe, among others. They have distribution partners in 30 countries and are available on five continents!

Two Key Principles

Swarovski has two key principles that drive the production of all of their riflescopes and other optics products. They have an amazing track record of combining technological innovations with functional products and aesthetic designs. Similarly, they have a deep respect for nature and display this in their support for nature protection projects and in their use of environmentally sound production practices. They want customers to enjoy their time outdoors more and to do so with the best leisure products on the market today.

New Swarovski Products

Swarovski is proud to offer their newest product, the Swarovski Optik Rillescope with 6x zoom. This innovative product has a unique range of magnification and filed of view. This allows the hunter greater flexibility when pinpointing a target without compromising the image quality or the design. It also has an increased eye relief, ensuring safety for the hunter while in use. This scope offers 50% more field of view range, 50% better magnification range, and 20%-50% greater eye relief.

With over half a century creating hunting optics and other items, Swarovski is certainly a name you can trust and a company you can believe in. Learn more about Swarovski’s innovative line of hunting scopes and enjoy your time outdoors more!