Tasco's Many Scopes

When you're ready to purchase a scope, you know you'll find quality with Tasco. The question, however, becomes which Tasco scope to select. There are many great scopes available from this company, and many others. Here is an overview of the main scopes that Tasco produces, allowing you, as the prospective buyer, to find the right scope for your needs.

Tasco Overview

Tasco has been in business for over 50 years, providing the American sports enthusiast with great optics. They have many lines of riflescopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, telescopes and more, designed for the outdoor enthusiast who wants to get more out of his time outside.

World Class Riflescopes

One line of riflescopes provided by Tasco is the World Class riflescopes. They are very popular for their high performance and low price tag. They include the Tasco SuperCon multi-layered coating on both the objective and ocular lenses and have fully coated optics. They have various models in this line including ProShot, 30/30 and True Mil-Dot reticles. These scopes are waterproof, fogproof and shockproof, providing amazing performance at amazing prices.

Target and Varmint Scopes

These are perfect scopes for targets and for varmints. They allow for great optical clarity, even in situations with very little light. They will stand up to magnum recoil and to harsh landscapes and use. They include multi-coated SuperCon optics, finger-adjustable windage and elevation controls.

Pro Point Riflescopes

These riflescopes are designed to be very fast with its red dot, unlimited eye relief and clear field of view. It's the perfect scope for competitive pistol and revolver shooters, for turkey hunters and for slug gun hunters. It has a solid construction and lithium batteries.

Golden Antler Riflescopes

These scopes have HDC (High Definition Coating) and the lens surfaces and fully coated optics. These aid in great light transmission and brightness. They have a 1" advanced construction for increased durability as well.

Pronghorn Riflescopes

Tasco considers these to be their top-of-the-line scopes. They offer great brightness and optical clarity even in the least lit areas. They will stand up to both magnum recoil and harsh terrain. They have multi-coated SuperCon optics as well.

.22 Riflescopes

These scopes are made for .22 rimfire rifles and will help your rifle to perform with the utmost accuracy. They are great for hunting, plinking and hitting paper targets. They have a 1" Monotube construction, a 50 yard parallax setting and rings that will fit .22 bases. You'll have bright images with the magenta multi-layered lens coatings and fully coated optics.

Enjoy the right riflescope for your needs and enhance your shooting. You'll love the difference that a Tasco scope makes in your leisure activity and you'll be amazed by the enhanced accuracy and enjoyment that it provides.