A Different Approach

Mueller Optics is the new kid on the block when it comes to the gun scope market. The company was founded in 2003 by Richard Schlampp, but has fast developed a reputation for producing quality scopes at a lower cost than comparable models. Mueller owes its success to two special strategies.

Outsourcing Parts

One strategy involves overseas production. Most optics companies are outsourcing the manufacture of their products outside of the U.S. But these companies tend to outsource all the parts of their products to just one country. Mueller took a good hard look to find the best vendors throughout the world for each of its optical parts.

Every Mueller vendor produces one specific item and then ships them to an overseas plant that specializes in assembly. This results in the highest quality products built by craftsmen according to meticulous specifications. The products bear up so well that Mueller backs its products with a lifetime warranty on just about every item it sells.

The other special strategy employed by Mueller is found in the paucity of its marketing campaign. Other optics companies that produce items for sporting spend a great deal of money on advertising. This can be proven by flipping through the magazines in your dentist or physician's waiting rooms. You'll see many ads from the various scope manufacturers. But you won't see ads for Mueller products.

Word Of Mouth

Mueller prefers to rely on word of mouth by customers and through its own growing network of dealers for touting their line of products. This low-key approach to marketing helps keep down the retail costs for these items, making them attractive and affordable choices for discerning customers.  

From the standpoint of scopes production, Mueller offers a scope for everyone, up to and including bow-hunters. The company produces scopes for a wide variety of needs, for instance blackpowder, rimfires, varmint shooting, tactical applications, turkey, illuminated models, big game, and archery. But the two big sellers are the APV 4.5 X 14 and the Mueller Eradicator 8.5 X 25. These two items have developed a huge following among hunters, whether they specialize in small animals (varmints) or big game. Experienced hunters .say the APV 4.5 X 14 for instance, comes close to items made by its competitors at Nikon and Burris, but costs only half the price of those produced by their high-falutin' competition.

You may not have heard of Mueller optics before reading this article. But if you're active as a shooter or a hunter, this won't be the last time you've heard of these products. Whether you're looking for a new rifle scope or you just want to upgrade, it pays to take a look at Mueller scopes.