A Lengthy Heritage

From 1526 until this day, Fabbrica D'Armi Pietro Beretta S.p.A. (Pietro Beretta arms manufacturing company) has been in the hands of the Beretta family - that's over fifteen generations. Part of the Beretta Holding Group, which is controlled by the Beretta family of Italy, Beretta has always produced firearms.

With almost 500 years of experience behind it, Beretta has tremendous knowledge in the development of precision mechanics relative to portable firearms. Producing about 1,500 pieces a day, Beretta covers almost the entire range of hand-held firearms with approximately 90% of their production consisting of sporting firearms, 75% of which are exported all over the world. They also supply firearms to the Armed Forces and the Police Forces of Italy and in 2007 contracted with Canada for supply of their pistol model Px4 Storm to the Canada Borders Services Agency. The US Armed Forces and State Police Forces use the Beretta 92 series pistols as do the French Gendarmerie Nationale and the Armee de L'Air (French Air Force). Beretta competition shotguns have won more Olympic medals, World Championships and International Competitions than any other shotgun in the world.

The Beretta Long Gun

The Beretta long gun is a thing of beauty - solid, sleek and graceful, and the workmanship shows the Beretta commitment to excellence. They have produced more than 1.5 million over-and-under shotguns which have been proven to be tough, accurate, reliable and lightweight. These firearms are fitted with everything a discerning hunter demands. The patented locking system makes for a very slim receiver which in turn makes the Beretta over-and-under the most finely balanced and responsive double-barrel shotgun in the world.

Hunters' Dreams - The Semi-Automatic

Their semi-automatic gas operated shotguns are a valued companion to a huge number of hunters. The new A391 3.5 Xtrema has been designed to use 89mm cartridges and is also able to function well using lighter cartridges. The semi-automatic competition shotguns have all of the design, control and reliability of the hunting versions along with the specific features necessary to make them the best for competition shooting.

The Side-By-Side and the Silver Hawk

The Beretta side-by-side shotguns, with durability, ease of handling and superb operation, are very light and responsive.  They're a real draw to sportsmen world-wide. Evolving over the years, these proven side-by-side shotguns are remarkably light with enhanced durability and function.

Take the 471 Silver Hawk with the gold inlaid head of a hawk on the top lever. The Beretta nickel finish not only protects the floral engraving on the receiver from scratches, but the coined in relief makes this beauty both slender and elegant. The stock and fore-end are made from walnut and treated with oil to allow the beauty of the wood to shine through. Since the butt is straight, it's easy to use a variety of coil pads. Choose an English stock or a pistol grip stock with a red rubber recoil pad or a wooden butt plate.

Whatever decision you make on the purchase of your Beretta firearm, you can be assured there are centuries' worth of talent, workmanship and excellence that have gone into the making.