BSA, A Long Legacy

The History Of BSA, Hundreds Of Years Of Experience

The Birmingham Small Arms Company Limited (BSA) became a public company on June 7th, 1861. However, that is not the real beginning of the organization. It had its genesis in the late 1600s in the court of King William 111 who, worried about the threat of invasions, purchased weapons from Holland. Criticized for doing so, he later found a group of British gunsmiths who worked together and were able and willing to perform the service of building muskets for the Crown. After 150 years of trading with the gun makers as a group, these smiths later formalized their position and became an association. From that point, the company was created.

The company took the Piled Arms trademark of three crossed rifles as their easily identified insignia and over the years the company grew into the largest private arms manufacturer in Europe. A munitions factory was later acquired but was given up in 1897 and the company reverted to its original role. The bulk of the years BSA has been in business have been devoted to the building and supplying of arms, primarily for war. All the way through to the 1930s, BSA rifle production had been confined to comparatively small quantities of sporting weapons. Throughout WW11 the organization produced more than half the small arms supplied to Britain's forces. Browning machine guns, service rifles, Sten guns, machine guns, anti-tank rifles and more were part of the production of BSA for the war effort.

From Gun Manufacturing To Optics And Scopes

Although the company no longer makes military weapons their air rifles, hunting rifles and sporting guns are steadily supplied to the world market today. In 1996 BSA Optics was formed and they are best known for the production of a quality riflescope at an affordable price. In 2004 the first riflescopes designed specifically for the .17 HMR became the flagship item for BSA.

The Catseye Series Of Riflescopes

The Catseye Series Scopes are made with a larger diameter ocular lens than most scopes. This helps to create a longer 4" to 5" eye relief and a larger exit pupil allowing your eye to take in a greater amount of light, reducing eye strain and fatigue. The clear and undistorted image is due to the camera quality glass used and all lenses are fully multi-coated to provide the brightest possible view without glare or reflections.

The Deerhunter And Huntsman Series Riflescopes

The hardworking Deerhunter Scopes also have camera quality glass lenses which are precisely ground to give undistorted and clear imaging. They have an easy focus eyepiece which keeps the reticle sharp for the eyesight. It's tough and priced right.

Multicoated lenses, a simple and clean design, and non-reflective black matte finish are just a few of the desirable qualities of the Huntsman Scopes. They are fog proof, waterproof and shockproof with a long eye relief which makes it easier to get on target when the game is moving. The latest editions to the series, the Huntsman RGB scopes feature illuminated center dot technology with multiple brightness settings of red, green and blue (RGB) for precision shot placement in all lighting conditions.