BSA & Their Many Scopes

BSA offers a huge range of scopes so that any hunter can have exactly the right product for his needs. With expert craftsmanship and true value, these scopes will please the experienced hunter and the novice, alike.

Air Rifle Scopes

These scopes are built by BSA to handle the reverse coil that a magnum spring powered air rifle often gives. They can focus down to ten yards or less with their adjustable objectives. They also have target-style turrets with finger adjustable ¼ MOF clicks. This is necessary for both windage and elevation.

Black Powder Scopes

These are versatile scopes that are traditionally intended for shotguns. They are great, however, for muzzleloader shooting as well. They can be used in all weather conditions and perform great even under heavy recoil.

Catseye Series Scopes

These scopes include a longer eye relief than most because the ocular lens has a larger diameter than do most scopes. It also has a larger exit pupil. Both of these features means that your eye can receive greater amounts of light and less eye strain and fatigue. This is a great scope and a very comfortable one. The lenses are multi-coated and the glass is camera quality glass for a clear and undistorted image.

Contender Scopes

These riflescopes are perfect for benchrest, varmint, target and day time shooting. The Contender has a 4" sunshade that comes with it, making it just right for these activities. It's a best seller all around!

Deerhunter Scopes

BSA has top-of-the-line deerhunter scopes well designed for the hard working hunter. These include camera quality glass lenses, an easy focus eyepiece, and a tough, durable construction.

Glass Etched Scopes

These scopes are great for any type of shooter - whether he's an experienced gun man or a novice. They include objective and ocular lenses that are multi-coated to brighten the target. At the same time, they have a special coating on them that actually reduces the glare.

Huntsman Scopes

These scopes are fogproof, waterproof and shockproof. They have a long eye relief, easy to adjust windage and elevation turrets. The lenses are multicoated to help make the game seem bright and sharp with very little reflection. They also have a non-reflective black matte finish. The most recent addition, the Huntsman RGB, has illuminated center dot technology. It has multiple brightness settings including red, green and blue so that the hunter can create a precision shot placement in any lighting conditions.

Mil-Dot Scopes

These scopes have recently been given a new design and new innovations. They are great for varmint or target shooting and are even useful for long range hunting.

Panther Scopes

These scopes have a number of great features. They include a patent pending "push/pull" locking system on the windage and elevation turrets and are very easy to adjust. They have completely multicoated camera quality glass lenses and are double protected for dramatic changes in the weather.

Platinum Series Scopes

Finally, the Platinum Series Scopes have camera quality lenses that are multi-coated. Both the optical and the mechanical tolerances are made to the exact specifications. This creates extra consistency and accuracy for the scope. Similarly, the windage and elevation turrets are always precise.