The Burris Laserscope

Leading the Way in Technology

Like any technology today, riflescopes are being fine tuned and they are evolving. Many hunters carry a laser rangefinder to help them hit small and distant targets as well as make a clean kill on the bigger ones. It makes sense then to have a laser rangefinder integrated into the rifle's aiming system, which is exactly what Burris did. The Burris integrated riflescope/laser rangefinder was introduced to the US market in 2006 and it's made an appreciable different for the hunters who are using it.

The Burris package is really complete. The laserscope mounts, which are designed for standard Weaver bases, lens caps, and lens hood come with the scope, along with instructions, the warrantee and ballistic tables for the Ballistic Plex reticle. The reticle is a Duplex style with a larger gap between the bottom post and the intersection of the crosswires. There are three marks that indicate the long range aiming points for 150, 200, and 250 years (approximately). The inclusion of the ballistic tables takes the guesswork out of hitting small targets at great distances.

Small, Discreet and Easy to Use

Physically, the main body of the Laserscope has a black matte finish and the optics are multi-coated. The view through this scope is the same as any other high quality riflescope - a magnified image of the target and an aiming reticle. A rubberized button on the left side of the scope, when pressed, activates the laser that is inside. The rangefinder is very fast and accurate. The range to the target is displayed in yards at the top of the field of view. An infrared remote control is also supplied with the Laserscope. It is on an elastic strap so it can be put in a convenient location and also used to activate the rangefinder.

It Fits and Operates Like Other Scopes - Only Better

Just like all other Burris riflescopes, the Laserscope is guaranteed waterproof, shockproof, and dust proof. The eyepiece is a rubberized European style with a fast focus ring and the zoom ring is at the front of the ocular. The rangefinder is battery operated, so if the batteries go dead or are removed, the rangefinder won't work. However, the rest of the scope operates normally without the batteries.

The Laserscope has an integral mounting rail and comes with the necessary mounts to clamp onto the rail and then mount to any standard Weaver type mount base. Simple, low, and flexible, the mounting has good adjustment latitude.