The Burris Optics Company - and Their Scopes

The Burris Optics Company prides itself on being a leader in the manufacturing of scopes and other optics products.  They want to make your leisure time, and your hunting time, more precise, accurate and enjoyable.  They manufacture scopes, spotting scopes, sites, binoculars, mounts and accessories for all of your hunting and outdoor needs.  In addition, they guarantee outstanding customer service, prices that can't be beat, and a warranty that will keep you secure knowing that you've purchased a product that will work for you.

The Burris Scope

Each Burris scope has a number of characteristics that make this company's scopes unique and dependable.  They index-match their HiLume multi-coating to each lens to create a surface transmission of 99.5% of the light.  This helps a great deal when using a scope at dawn or at dusk.  Each lens is then assembled in a touch aluminum outer tube with double spring tension securing the internal tube.  They inject each scope with laboratory-grade dry nitrogen 24 times, ensuring that every ounce of moisture is removed from the scope before use.  In addition, they have their own quad seals to keep the moisture out for good.

Other Features of Burris Scopes

Every Burris scope is recoil, water and fogproof tested and guaranteed.  They have an impact machine that measures and duplicates the recoil pulse acceleration and duration that the scope will experience.  It replicates the shock impulses that a scope experiences and makes sure that it is recoil tested and perfected.  In addition, each scope is placed in water with a temperature of 50 degrees Celsius.  This hot water transfers heat to the scope and each scope is tested to ensure that is it completely waterproof.  Finally, each scope undergoes a fog test.  The nitrogen used in the scope is of very high quality and is ultra pure and clean.  It is tested with 24 cycles of pressurizing the scope and subjecting it to a vacuum to guarantee that all air born and surface moisture is removed.

The Burris Warranty

Burris prides itself on its warranty called the Forever Warranty.  If any of their rifle scopes or handgun scopes is found to be defective in material or workmanship, Burris will repair or replace the part at no charge.  This is true, even if you are not the original owner!  In addition, many Burris scopes have a Burris Lifetime Warranty which protects the original owner from any defective parts or workmanship for the duration of the time they own the scope.  They pride themselves on their scopes and are willing to stand by them for years of guaranteed use!  

When you purchase a Burris scope, you know that you're getting a product that has been tested at great length, and that comes with a dependable warranty.  Burris wants you to enjoy your rifle or shotgun, and your time spent using your scope with it!