Bushnell Laser Scope

A Thing of Beauty

The beauty of the Bushnell Yardage Pro 4-12x42mm laser riflescope is manifold. First, this riflescope has a rangefinder that is accurate to within +/- one yard. You can read your distance in red LED numbers at the top of the scope's field of view. It can be activated in one of two ways, either by pressing the button on the left side of the riflescope or by a remote that is strapped to the rifle. Additionally, this waterproof and fog proof riflescope will continue to function even if the battery powered rangefinder stops working. Regardless, the Yardage Pro remains reliable.

An integral mounting rail is featured on the Yardage Pro scope, ensuring the scope will be mounted true to the rifle. It is attached by clamps to the Weaver type base and the clamps are included with the sight. Since there is such excellent mounting room, the exact position and eye relief desired can be attained. Two more features to mention are the comfortable rubberized zoom ring that turns smoothly so you don't change the magnification by accident, and a rubberized European style fast focus eyepiece ring.

Use the Standard Turret or The Interchangeable Elevation Turrets

The Yardage Pro comes with a mildot reticle that can be used without having to replace the standard elevation turret. The mildots can be used as aiming point at various ranges, after zeroing the riflescope; however, you have to determine the distance by yourself based on trajectory of the cartridge and the load. There are also two sets of eight interchangeable bullet drop compensation elevation turrets beside the conventional turret. One set of turrets is calibrated in meters, the other set in yards. When compared to other laser scopes, this feature sets the Bushnell Laser Scope apart. Directions for using the various turrets are included with the laser scope. Suffice to say that when all is said and done, changing the turrets is not difficult and the results are outstanding.

Optics are Excellent, The Rangefinder is Fast

As you would expect, the optics on the Yardage Pro are fully multi-coated and the views are sharp at all magnifications. Optical abnormalities are properly corrected. The rangefinder is fast, positive, and easy to read in any light. The view is comparable to a high quality riflescope and far superior to the Bushnell laser rangefinder, which is handheld.

Compared to a regular riflescope, the laser scopes are expensive. However, if you purchased a scope and rangefinder separately, you would spend close to the same amount of money. It's definitely worth the investment and it is the next wave in technology for rifle and handgun sights.