Equipping the Police Force

Police today have a huge range of equipment choices. Each of these items helps them to do their job better and to remain better protected. Knowing which items are best for your police force’s needs, and being properly prepared, can make the difference between safety and injury…or worse.


Police certainly need to consider how they will carry their guns and whether or not they will be concealed. There are many holsters on the market today including tactical holsters, duty holsters, belt ones, paddle ones, inside-the-pant holsters, shoulder holsters and more.

Cases and Holders

Police need holders for many reasons. They need them for their batons, for chemical sprays, flashlights, handcuffs, radios, police K9 gear and more. It’s important to be comfortable with the types of carriers that you wear and to know which ones you’ll need for your equipment.

Flashlights & Optics

Flashlights are certainly essential for police officers. There are multiple choices in flashlights from standard and rechargeable to weapon lights and pen and micro lights. Many optics are also important including night vision optics, sporting and gun scopes and binoculars.


Keep your weapons safe by your side and ensure that you’ve got all of the security that you need. This would include pepper spray, knives, police batons, and, of course, guns.

Footwear and Uniforms

Police officers need to have the right footwear and clothing to be comfortable on the job. They should have comfortable, waterproof boots and lighter summer shoes, body armor, headgear, jackets, uniforms, protective gloves, sunglasses and more.

Tactical-Military Needs

Police officers need to be ready for combat. For this purpose, they need tactical holsters, tactical belts, pouches, vests, lights, gloves, knives, back and backpacks and entry tools.

Gun Accessories

Certainly, along with the decisions about which guns to outfit the unit with, there are decisions about gun accessories. Such accessories for the police force would include gun slings, gun cleaning supplies, gun locks and safes, gun grips, scopes, and more.


While training the police force you’ll have to be prepared with many supplies. You’ll need to have shooting safety glasses and goggles and hearing protection. Your force will need to learn to use gas masks, traffic safety equipment, handgun scopes and more.

With all of these many police force supplies in mind, your police force will be ready for the events ahead and prepared for anything.