ExacTrack Advantage

Sightron is extremely proud of its creation of ExacTrack. This is one of the most revolutionary breakthroughs in shooting history and they want everyone to know about it. ExacTrack features an erector tube that keeps a positive, flush point of contract from zero alignment - no matter what adjustments need to be made. This ensures that, as long as you are using ExacTrack, you will never experience drift.

How ExacTrack Works

Certainly, the main reason that you buy a scope is for accuracy. You want to focus in on your shot and take as accurate a shot as possible. The way that you create accuracy is with many different components. The quality of the lenses matters, as does the design and resistance of the main body tube. Inside the Sightron scope is an erector or pivot tube. The windage and elevation adjustments move this tube for accurate alignment.

The Problem with Other Scopes

Other scopes have a curve surface against a flat one. When the erector tube is in the ideal centered position, the contact is complete at zero adjustment. However, when the adjustments press the erector tube, the contact becomes imperfect. This causes the reticle to drift from the optical center and this creates a point-of-impact shift which you certainly don't want.

How Sightron Handles This

With the Sightron ExacTrack, the erector tube has an integral ring. This ring, together with redesigned adjustment screws, is the first positive contact system on the market today. ExacTrack makes sure that the riflescope keeps constant and perfect point-of-impact either at, or off, zero. This amazing use of a constant pressure point ensures the accuracy of all Sightron scopes - no matter the condition.

Find out more about ExacTrack and see what a difference it can make in your hunting experience. This is just one of the many amazing innovations by Sightron!