Riflescope Repair Information

We've Gone To The Trouble For You

Whether you spent a literal fortune or a figurative fortune on your riflescope, if something happens to it, you'll want to have it repaired. Now, one would think that would be an easy enough task to accomplish, but with the frequent turnover of some riflescope manufacturing companies, things aren't always as easy as you would think.

We've done some research for you and have prepared a list of possibilities for repairing your damaged or broken riflescope. The list is not comprehensive, but it does give you some options which might be what you need to get the job done.

Let's Start With The Obvious

Of course, the first and most obvious place you'll want to be in touch with is the dealer from whom you purchased the sight in the first place. If he's an exclusive dealer for a particular manufacturer then you have scored, if not, he will likely tell you to get in touch with the manufacturer. That's where things can go wrong. Take Redfield Riflescopes as an example. They were bought out by Blount who was bought out by Meade. Meade no longer honors Redfield guarantees. Redfield's mounts and rings were supposedly bought out by Leupold, and the beat goes on.

Names, Addresses, Phone Numbers And Internet Sites To Help You Out

We have some names, addresses and internet sites for you which we hope will prove useful. 

ABO (USA), Inc.

14041 SW 139th Ct.

Miami, Florida 33186

Repair Information: 305-860-4858

Customer Service: 305-859-2010

Fax: 305-232-7359

Parsons Scope Service offers target and vintage riflescope repairs.

You can contact them here:

PO box 192

Ross, Ohio 45061

Phone: 513-867-0820

The Gun Guy is a pretty popular site and you may be able to find something to help you out there. 

Your Yellow Pages may hold some little known secrets. Try checking in there to see what the possibilities would be.

When all else fails, you may find yourself in the repair business. There are a good many places on the internet to find repair "manuals" for gun sights. Then too, there's the library. Who knows, you may like the idea of fixing your own equipment and end up starting a business of your own.