Netstar Technologies

NetStar is a company with a huge range of expertise and accomplishments. Established in 1996, they are a small business that is certainly not small in scope! They have a number of main business sections to them that combine to create the NetStar Technologies company.

Their Services

Their Multimedia Communications Services offers all sorts of communication products and services including data, fax, voice and video communication opportunities. Their Information Technology Systems offers customers a complete collection of network solutions. Their Aviation Services offers passenger and cargo air transportation services, private air charter operations, helicopter aviation services, airport logistics and more. In this section, they even have aircraft maintenance and repair services, rotary wing aircraft sales and more. Their Advanced Weapons Systems offer military and law enforcement agencies with land and sea combat machines and systems. These include HMMVVs, patrol boats, gun boats, automatic weapons systems and more.

Their Philosophy

NetStar Technologies believes that customers require quality comprehensive technical and professional services, technical support and fantastic products. They apply their experience and expertise to the creation of all of their products to fulfill this mission and continue to build their position in the defense, information technology and communication businesses.

More on NetStar Products

NetStar has a huge range of product offerings, including many weapons and equipment offerings for commercial, government and military customers. As a defense supplier, their products combine advanced communication networks with air, land and sea-based platforms for global military and government companies and customers. They have everything from antennas and data links to encryption, scanners and scopes. Their scope lines include computerized ART Sniper Scopes, Holographic Rifle Scopes and Mounting Systems.

When you purchase a scope, or other defense product from NetStar, you know that you are purchasing from a longstanding company with a huge amount of experience. NetStar wants you to be pleased with your product, and to use their services for all of your communication, defense and other needs.