Leopold Scopes- Ending the Compromise Dilemma

Leopold has introduced a 50 mm power scope with objective lens and a variable power ranging between 3.5 and 10. The great news about this scope is that you can mount it anywhere on the rifle where you would normally mount a 33mm lens. The scope is designed with a concave section located on the bottom of the lens, which allows it to be mounted lower on the barrel. With this design the scope will still go over the barrel.

This new model is known as the VX-L. It contains all the same great features that Leopold scopes have come to be known for in the last few years. The VX-L also features a dual internal spring; well known from the more high-end Leopold scopes. Quality is top notch with pure Titanium Nitride stainless steel internal parts, which helps to prevent the build-up of fogging. Like all of the high-end Leopold scopes, the new VX-L also comes the a scratch-resistant finish to ensure that your scope looks great for a long time to come.

Shooters who have tested the new VX-L claim that it provides clearance over the barrel like no other 50mm scope currently available on the market. If a high mounting scope has been a hindrance to you in the past, you'll love the fact that this new scope doesn't get in the way at all. In addition, the images are very bright and clear; with no interference from the scope itself, as is a common problem with many other scopes. The light transmission is also quite good.

With the new VX-L Leopold scopes you no longer have to make a compromise between accurate fit and larger magnification with image brightness. The VX-L fits the bill perfectly.