Leupold Golden Ring Compact Scopes

Very Identifiable - The Golden Ringed Scopes

Certain trademarks are more recognizable than others. When you see a golden ring around the objective bell on a rifle scope, you know immediately that scope is a Leupold & Stevens model. Leupold & Stevens, of Beaverton, Oregon, have been making telescopic sights for rifles for more than 60 years and have identified their scopes with the distinctive golden ring, giving them the appellation, "Golden Ring Scopes". Along with the golden rings comes a golden warrantee. All Leupold Compact riflescopes come with the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. This exceptional guarantee covers the free repair or free replacement of the scope if any material or workmanship defects are found - and you don't have to be the original owner.

Besides being a well-established scope manufacturer, Leupold has developed some very important innovations in the industry. The first nitrogen charged and sealed waterproof scope, the Duplex reticle, and the compact scope are all fruit of a company that isn't afraid to take giant steps forward. This company is top-of-the-heap when it comes to quality products, durability, and longevity.

Leupold Compact Scopes - the Best for Today's Short Rifles

Compact scopes, as the name implies, are built to be a smaller, tighter counterpart to the full-size scope. They are shorter, lighter, and have smaller front objective bells than the standard scopes. Since they are smaller and lighter, they can be mounted low and overbore on most rifles, which is definitely an advantage. When you're looking for a good match for today's shorter, lightweight action rifles, Leupold's Compact scopes are the number.

All of the air to glass lens surfaces in Leupold's compact scopes has either Leupold's standard magnesium fluoride anti-reflection coating or Multicoat-4 coatings for enhanced light transmission and freedom from glare. The main tubes on all Compacts are 1" diameter aircraft quality aluminum alloy. The windage and elevation adjustments are either continuous friction type marked in ½ minute of angle (MOA) increments or ¼ MOA click adjustments. A knurled locking ring secures the ocular housing that focuses the eyepiece. Leupold Compact sights are sealed against moisture and nitrogen filled, so they are waterproof and fog proof.

Two Fixed Models and Two Zoom Scopes

There are two M8 fixed power Compact riflescopes and two Compact zoom scopes. The fixed power models are 2.5x20mm and 4x28mm Rimfire Special. Due to the smaller objective lenses, there is some sacrifice in light grasp. Otherwise, the fixed power models are the same quality as other M8 scopes. The Compact zoom scopes are 2-7x28mm and 3-9x33mm.

As to be expected, the Leupold Compact scopes offer great definition and contrast with good sharpness from center to edge. The lens flare is well suppressed and friction adjustments work well. They are among the best available and the quality is high. They provide good performance value for the money.