Leupold - A Family Commitment to Excellence

Certainly, you can buy a scope without knowing the history of the company. Often times, however, by learning about a long history, you come to realize just how dependable a certain scopes line is. This is certainly the case with Leupold. An American, family-owned business now in its fifth generation, Leupold has been designing and assembling optical instruments and other products for 100 years. Now that is an accomplishment worth recognizing.

The Leupold Beginnings

In 1907, the company was first founded by Fred Leupold. A German immigrant to America, he set up his shop in Portland, Oregon on 5th and Oak Streets. He intended to repair optics for surveying equipment. Eventually, his brother in law, Adam Voelpel, joined him. Then, an amazing inventor joined their forces by the name of John Cyprian Stevens. They survived both World War I and the Depression, but it was during World War II that they really made their mark.

World War II

They worked together with the U.S.Army and Navy on optics that could be used on ships. While doing so, the Leupold engineers learned techniques for waterproofing and for creating durable equipment. Their skills would soon change the world of sports optics.

Leupold Products Today

Today, from this experience, Leupold optics are known the world over for their rugged exteriors, their amazing waterproofing and their incredible quality. With over a century of trial and error, they have certainly gotten it right to create binoculars, scopes and accessories that are top-of-the-line. Their motto shows their commitment to excellence and their understanding of the field in which they operate. As they say, "We solemnly promise never to let down on quality, the customer is entitled to a square deal."

More on Leupold and Stevens Today

Looking back at their 100 years, it is amazing to see the 600 American workers who work today at their factory in Beaverton, Oregon. They use over one million pounds of aluminum every year in their factory and they have the largest installation of Index Turning Centers west of the Mississippi River. Their commitment to respecting their workers is evident in the longevity with which people stay with the company. Their average employee has been there for 11 years, and the longest one has been there for over four decades! They have been pioneers in the filed of optics technology, creating cutting edge products that they stand by at all times.