Leupold & Stevens - 100 Years of Optic Achievement

A Family Affair

Five generations of one family have succeeded in creating a company that stands head and shoulders above most when it comes to making optical equipment. Leupold & Stevens, founded in 1907, continues to make customer satisfaction one of their primary objectives when it comes to the production of their binoculars and other optics. Technologies born in their company that are used today include waterproof binoculars and weatherproofing - like the kind found on cameras so they can be used in all weather conditions. Leupold & Stevens worked closely with the US Military during the Second World War to develop methods to enhance military rifle scopes and that technology has gone into the production of their products to this day.

Not only do they produce top quality binoculars, they are also the producers of the finest optics for all types of occupations. From sports and wildlife observation to shooting equipment and law enforcement and military needs, Leupold is a leader in the industry.

What's Available From L&S

There are 28 models in 11 series to choose from, all made to exacting and specific standards, so finding the perfect pair of binoculars for your own wants and needs is not difficult. Browse the Golden Ring Series that is available with switch-power technology or without it. The Cascades Series comes with Internal Focus and without it as well. The Olympic Series 12X50 model and the Mesa Series 10X50 model boast the largest objective lenses of Leupold binoculars, the 50mm. Leupold binoculars have objective lenses ranging from 23mm to 50mm and a field of view range from 215ft. To 425ft. The Katmai Series 6X32 model has the largest viewing angle of all Leupold binoculars.

Prices & Warranties

The prices for these excellent products range from $89.00 to $999.99, suitable for professionals and recreational users. The top of the line is the Leupold 10X42 Golden Ring HD that is combined with the Boone/Crockett Kit.

Leupold & Stevens is confident of their products and they offer a variety of warranties and guarantees. The Leupold Gold Ring Series is covered by a full lifetime guarantee offering full repair or replacement for free. You don't have to be the original owner and there are no time limits on this guarantee.

The Leupold Green Ring Limited Lifetime Warranty guarantees replacement or repair of damaged materials for the original owner only, and there are some limitations vis-a-vis misuse and unauthorized repair. Two more warranty offers on tactical and electronic components are also available.

If you're looking for top quality equipment to enhance vision, then Leupold & Stevens binoculars are the ticket.