Leupold Handgun Scope

Leupold's Famous Golden Ring

The Plainsman riflescope by Leupold & Stevens was introduced in 1947, the year that marked the beginning of this company in Beaverton, Oregon. For more than 60 years Leupold's distinctive gold ring has marked some of the best riflescopes in the country. Leading the way in innovations in the telescopic sight field, Leupold developed the first nitrogen charged and sealed waterproof scope, the Duplex reticle and the first compact scope. The company is also one of the very early pioneers of handgun scopes. Another distinctive facet of the Leupold Company is that all of their Golden Ring scopes are covered by the Leupold Full Lifetime Guarantee. If any Leupold Golden Ring scope is ever found to have defects in materials or workmanship, Leupold will repair or replace it for free - there's no time limit and a guarantee card is not required.

Three Models of Handgun Scopes

Leupold offers two fixed power handgun scopes and one variable power handgun scope. All of the handgun scopes have the extended eye relief (EER), generous eyebox, and bright, crystal-clear optics necessary for accurate shooting with the high powered handguns available today. It's a well-known fact that the recoil from some of these handguns tops anything a hard-kicking rifle can put out. That's why Leupold has gone to such lengths to test their EER handgun scopes.

The M8-2x20mm EER is Leupold's classic handgun scope and the M8-4x28mm EER has more magnification. Both of these models are fixed power. When it comes to variable power handgun scopes, the Vari-X 2.5-8x32mm EER may hold the crown for top handgun scope. The extended eye relief allows for fast target acquisition as well as the bright, crisp sight picture. All models of the Leupold handgun scopes have Multicoat 4 anti-reflective lens coating.

The Most Popular EER Handgun Scope Out There

The M8-2x20mm EER is the more popular of the scopes and is often seen attached to hunting revolvers and smaller single shot pistols. Since it has a relative wide field of view, it is considered to be more useful inside 100 yards than the more powerful scopes. It is very lightweight, so it balances easier on conventional handguns. The definition and sharpness from the center to edge is very good and the lens flare is well suppressed. Even though the field of view is limited, with practice it is possible for a handgun hunter to look around as well as he could through an EER scope.

Tough, dependable, and durable, with excellent visual capacity, the Leupold handgun scopes are not only built to last, the M8-2x20mm EER scope is a good choice for most big game handgun hunting.