Accessorize Your Malcolm

Malcolm is the oldest scope manufacturer, established in 1855. Today, many people would love to own a Malcolm old-time classic, and many companies have taken it upon themselves to produce this historic line of telescopic rifle sights. The Wm. Malcolm scope from the 1860s-1870s has a number of interesting accessories available with it today.

Sliding Mount

Even though the Malcolm scope has a 4 inch eye relief, some shooters still want a sliding mount. This sliding mount creates a moveable scope with a modified rear block and a collar that can guide the scope and prevent it from rotating. This scope needs to be repositioned to the rear after each shot, as do all moveable scopes.

Precision Mount

The precision mount for the long Malcolm allows for the utmost in precision sight adjustments. This mount is placed on the Wm. Malcolm, allowing for 1/4MOA, windage and elevation adjustments and eliminating any unwanted movement from recoil. It has a steel base and allows the scope to be completely removed from the rifle and then replaced without any changes to the adjustments!

Fine Elevation Adjustment Kit

The fine elevation adjustment kit is an accessory that is available for the long Malcolm. You can easily adjust the elevation simply by turning the screws up or down.

Extended Sunshade

The extended sunshade makes hitting the mark that much more comfortable. There are a number of different sizes of sunshades, depending on the length of the barrel. These are a great accessory to use with the Wm. Malcolm.

Round Barrel "Off-Set" Mount Set

This mount is for use with round barrel rifles such as the Percussion or the Muzzleloader Rifles. They need to install the scope "off-set" somewhat to the left to get away from the hammer. This has both the front mount adaptor and the rear off-set heavy-duty base.

Learn more about the many accessories available to make your Malcolm even that much easier to use and that much more enjoyable!