The Malcolm Scope

If you want to feel like you've gone back 150 years, and that you're holding an authentic long range rifle scope, then a Malcolm scope might be just the item for you.  These modern scopes are designed to look and work like the original long range rifle scopes designed by William Malcolm.  These scopes look perfect, and work great, on period rifles or on modern styled single shot or level rifles.

The History of the Malcolm Scope

William Malcolm was one of the first people to build riflescopes.  He was born in Sullivan, New York in 1823 and started his scoping business in 1855 in Syracuse, New York.  People said that his scopes, built for long range rifles in America, were some of the finest made. He continued his business until 1940.  The earliest of his scopes actually had lenses that he grounded himself, but later his lenses were purchased from France. His first innovation was that he used a solid drawn steel tube that was not folded or brazed, as all tubes had been before him.  It was a much stronger design, and enabled a much tighter tolerance when the lenses were mounted.  While Malcolm couldn't have planned for this, his timing was great.  With the outbreak of the Civil War, both armies needed scopes for sharpshooting, and Malcolm supplied some of the weaponry for this first more modern fight.

The Malcolm Scopes

Today, the Malcolm rifle scopes are made to look and feel like these original period pieces, while serving the needs of the modern hunter.  They are NRA and ASSRA approved and have many features that hunters and competitive shooters will appreciate. There are a number of Malcolm scopes on the market today, each offering great precision and an authentic look.  The Malcolm Style Target Scopes are particularly popular for black powder shooters, hunters and target competitors.  They are fogproof and waterproof.  They have a 4" eye relief and are parallax free from 50 yards and beyond.  They are shockproof and have a caged rear mount. They have fully multicoated optics, and precision external adjustments with 50 minutes of windage on each side of zero.  The base scope, by itself, fits 3/8" dovetails front to rear and will fit a 30" barrel on single shots and a 20" barreled level gun as it is.  It can also fit other barrel length rifles with an extension which is easy to purchase.  Gun dealers recommend having these scopes mounted by a professional gunsmith for the best results.

Purchasing a Malcolm Scope

Today, Malcolm scope replicas are made in a number of models and are sold by many reputable dealers.  Leatherwood/Hi-Lux Optics offers three versions of Malcolm scopes that keep to the traditional design, but with modern optics. They have a 6x Long Malcolm Scope, a 6x Short Malcolm Scope and a 3x Short Malcolm Scope.  These scopes all go perfectly with black powder cartridge rifles and combine the look of old with the function of modernity.