Millett's Buck Gold Series

One of Millett's most famous series of scopes is the Buck Gold Series. Millett recently created a new and improved line of target and varmint scopes called the new and improved Buck Gold Series. Learning more about this Series may entice you to purchase one - and to understand the quality and workmanship offered by Millett.

Understanding the Buck Gold Series

These scopes are the culmination of a lot of testing and research by the Millett team to create the best scopes possible at the lowest prices. These improvements focus on the 30mm target and varmint scopes. Today, these scopes have a distinctive new look with easy to manage turrets and side focus knobs. They have fully multi-coated optics and a coil spring that is built to guarantee sharpness and accuracy. In addition, they added the Fine Crosshair and 1/8-MOA dot reticle for the target shooter and long-range varmint hunter.

Added Feature - Side Focus

One interesting added feature to their Buck Gold scopes is the side focus. This feature allows the shooter to make faster adjustments without moving the head position or losing sight of the target. This knob is on the left hand side of the windage and elevation turret.

Buck Gold - An Overview of Their Features

For those who don't yet know the Buck Gold Series well, it's important to learn about the many features offered by these scopes. Each scope in the series includes one main piece for the tube, ensuring that it is durable and strong. It includes a reinforced variable power zoom ring which seals and supports the eyepiece securely. You won't have to worry about these scopes having water damage or fog difficulties. They include special sealing and purge methods which include internal moisture removal in the eyepiece and water resistant sealants. They also use synthetic grease and secure O-ring seals, both of which protect against fogging issues.

More Features

In addition, these scopes have dials that can be easily reset in both the windage and elevation adjustments. This allows hunters to retain sight calibration and easy return to zero. Great light transmission is obtained with the multi-coated optics so that you always have the best image quality. Off color fringe and color issues are minimized with the lens design and the special assembly techniques.

Millett is proud of the Buck Gold Series and hopes this demonstrates to their customers their commitment to excellence and their desire to please!