The Burris Scope Line for 2008

Burris is a leading provider of optical products to the American market.  Their extensive lines of hunting scopes, spotting scopes, binoculars, mounts and accessories offer great variety to people who love leisure activities.  They pride themselves on knowing their customers well and on delivering the best rifle scopes possible to their loyal fans.  Each of their scopes is tested over time, and is guaranteed with a warranty that will keep anybody purchasing one of their scopes feeling secure and protected.

New For 2008

Burris is constantly trying to develop new technology and to improve their scopes and other products in any way possible.  They are proud to feature a number of new products on the market now for 2008 which shooters are bound to love.  Each Burris scope caters to the specific and individual needs of the shooter who will use it, and takes into consideration his needs and uses in all areas of shooting.

Fullfield TAC30 Riflescopes

This is a line of 30mm riflescopes that keeps pace with the demands of scope users.  Many tactical shooters enjoy using a 30mm scope since it provides a bigger tub and larger lenses.  In addition, these scopes have great additional internal adjustments.  These scopes are available in three variable ranges.  The most versatile is the 3.5x-10x-50mm scope with a Ballistic Plex reticle.  These scopes allow for high performance while still allowing the shooter to maintain his budget.

XTR - 14 1x-4x Riflescope

This riflescope is new on the market and features the XTR Ballistic 5.56 Reticle.  It is perfect for everything from entry work to long-range counter-sniper duties, offering great versatility.

Fullfiled II LRS

This is a new addition to the Fullfield II line, and shows that Burris is always trying to create new innovations for its customers.  This scope is designed to give shooters an extra edge during difficult lighting periods of the day - including dawn, dusk and deep shadows.  It has a Digital Dimmer which allows the user to control the brightness and to streamline the scope's profile.

Fullfield 30 European Riflescopes

These riflescopes make it almost impossible to resist moving to a 30mm scope.  The European riflescopes have all of the features provided by the bigger tubes at prices that are unheard of for 30mm riflescopes.  You'll still find extra rigidity, a large glass surface, and a range of internal adjustments, but you won't pay top dollar for them here.

Fullfiled II Quad

This riflescope has been beautifully created to match with the Sako rimfire Quad rifle.  Since the rifle has four interchangeable barrels, the Quad Riflescope has been created with four resettable adjustment dials, color-coded to match the color coding on the Sako barrels!  You can't ask for much more than that.  When the hunter has sighted in all four barrels, the scope can then be adjusted to correspond with no loss of zero.  This scope can also be used with other rifles that have interchangeable barrels, or with standard rifles that shoot various types of ammunition.

Timberline Scopes

These new scopes are created to mount low on short action rifles to maintain the hunter's feeling of agility and balance on a short gun.  These scopes are very compact, allowing the shooter to keep it simple, short and accurate in any location.

Fullfield II APG Camo Scope

For hunters who want to be completely camouflaged, you can't forget about your scope.  This scope offers all-purpose camouflage and is perfect for muzzleloaders, slug guns or brush rifles. 

These exciting new products for 2008 allow the hunter to select exactly the right scope for his purposes.  Burris provides it all for outdoor leisure activities with their new lines for 2008!