Nightforce - Scopes for Serious Hunters

Nightforce is a company for people who depend on the accuracy of their scopes. These are scopes made for serious hunters, for the U.S. military and many Special Forces teams, and for law enforcement.  With years of experience and a proven record, you'll know that you've got the best scope on the market today with Nigthforce.

Nightforce Background

First established in 1992 in Orofino, Idaho, Nightforce has only one objective - to build the best riflescopes available on the market today.  This company's products are the choice of many law enforcement organizations and military units - and have become the choice of hunters and serious shooters as well.  Headquartered in a small town, Nightforce is strategically located for intense testing of their riflescopes and for constant field work and adjustments.  Each scope goes through their factory in Idaho and is checked at 70 different points.  In addition, each scope is sent through a battery of tests that prove its endurance and durability.

The Unique Nature of Nightforce Scopes

Nightforce scopes are constantly under testing and review in the field.  These scopes are used around the world by the U.S. Navy, U.S. Army and many Special Forces teams.  Many of the features on their scopes were even created in conjunction with military professionals in order to meet their specific and stringent needs.  When hunting with a Nightforce scope, you can safely assume that your scope has endured worst conditions and has been relied upon for scarier and more dangerous circumstances.  And time and time again, these scopes have proven to be worth their weight - and more.  

The Long Range Advantage

Nightforce scopes were originally created for highly trained professional sharpshooters.  Therefore, these scopes are capable of incredible accuracy at extreme distances.  Most of these scopes are accurate at ranges that are far beyond those available with regular scopes.  This does require, however, that the shooter know his rifle, his loads, and his rangefinding techniques extremely well.  

One Great Example

The Nightforce 1-4 x 24 NXS scope is one example of the precision of the Nightforce line.  This scope is perfect for hunting large, dangerous game.  At 1 power, it actually allows the shooter to shoot with both eyes open, as it is as quick as open sights and even more precise.  The field of view with this scope is 100 feet at 100 yards, allowing for quick target finding and precise shot placement.  This scope was designed with the serious hunter in mind.  It is best used in dense brush or for running targets that are dangerous and large.  In addition, it's one of the few scopes in the world that can withstand repeated recoil from the largest magnum calibers.  Most companies find it very difficult to build a 1x variable scope, since it's very hard to do so while maintaining the optical integrity and alignment of the equipment.  This scope achieves where others fail, making it the only scope that's a substitute for open sights on dangerous and large game.  It's perfect for an older hunter of for one who wants to maximize the effectiveness and range of his big-bore firearm.

Enjoy your hunt more, knowing that you're holding a Nightforce scope on your rifle.  You'll be amazed by its accuracy and its many appealing features, and you'll know that you've got a piece of equipment that has been tested and proven under the toughest conditions.