Understanding the Nikon Buckmaster Series

When you're selecting a scope, it's certainly important to consider many different variables.  One variable is the company from whom you want to buy the scope.  You want a reliable company that manufactures the best precision optics and scopes on the market today.  Nikon is such a company.  When you purchase a Nikon scope, you know that you are purchasing from a company that is one of the leading suppliers of precision optics and photo imaging technology around the world.  They have a dedication and commitment to quality, performance, technology and innovation.

Nikon Buckmaster Riflescopes

Once you've decided to purchase from the Nikon brand, you need to understand the various options they offer and find the right scope for your purposes.  Nikon's line of Buckmaster riflescopes provides the hunter with all of the important scope features at an affordable price.   These scopes have an ultra-matte finish which looks great with most rifles.  They have a BDC reticle which allows the user to determine the correct hold point before taking the shot.  It provides reliable aiming points out to 500 yards after sighting in at 100 yards.  These riflescopes offer high-resolution lenses with light capabilities up to 92% for bright, crisp images.  They also feature hand-turnable reticle adjustments, a fast-focus eyepiece and, of course, Nikon's lifetime warranty.

Waterproof and More

The Nikon Buckmaster Series also features other great items.  Each of the Buckmasters is 100% waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.  This means that it will stand up to years of use and to an active hunting lifestyle.  It also includes the Nikon fog eliminator wipes that eliminate exterior fog even in the most extreme weather conditions. This is very important because, while the scope eliminates internal fog and water, the outside of the scope can still accumulate fog and water.  These wipes help to make sure that the outside of the scope is as clean and clear as the inside.

Extra Great Features

The size of the Buckmaster Series scopes is just right to fit on a deer hunting rifle.  There isn't an oversized objective end and it has a moderate length to it.  The power adjustment knob is another great feature.  It turns clockwise to increase power and it is nicely raised to make moving the power ring very easy.  Hunters find this to be a valuable tool and an easy one to use - even in extreme weather conditions with cold hands!

Whether you're an avid hunter or just a beginner, you're bound to be pleased with the Nikon Buckmaster Series.  With a range in prices and options, this series ensures that there is something for everyone and a scope for every hunter out there!