The Nikon Monarch Scope Series

When purchasing a scope, there are a number of considerations that any user must make.  Of course, you need to know why you want the scope.  Next, you need to evaluate your price options and the amount that you are willing to spend.  You also have to consider the weather conditions and hours when you plan to use your scope.  And, you'll certainly want to take into account the distance that the scope will be used, and the company providing the scope to you.

Nikon Background

With all of this in mind, Nikon Monarch Scopes are the right decision for many hunters.  Here's why.  Nikon is a leading provider of optical products and has been in the market since 1917.  When you purchase from Nikon, you know that you're getting a product that has been tested, manufactured to the highest standards, and guaranteed with a great warranty.  Originally founded in 1917 by three of Japan's best known makers of optical equipment, Nikon has grown to include oodles of other products from microscopes to binoculars, surveying instruments to hunting scopes.   Their scopes are well constructed, built to last, and lightweight, adding to their exceptional value and workmanship.  One series of scopes, the Nikon Monarch, offers a great scope at a reasonable price.

Nikon Monarch Scopes

Nikon offers a number of Monarch Rifle Scopes, each constructed from a one piece main body tube.  This ensures that there aren't many parts and that the main body is solid and sturdy.  The tube is made from aircraft grade aluminum.  The Monarch Scopes have Nikon's traditional Ultra ClearCoat optical system that allows for 95% light transmission.  In addition, these scopes have 4x zoom range and a 4" constant eye relief.  It has hand-turn ¼ - MOA reticle adjustments and is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.  All of these qualities ensure a clear picture, an easy focus and easy use during any weather conditions and any locations.

Additional Features

One of the greatest features of any of the Nikon Scopes is the warranty.  The Monarch Scopes come with a lifetime full warranty.  This allows you to put your trust in the equipment, knowing that you can always get it fixed should there be a problem.  In addition, the actual scope has fully multicoated lenses and a quick focus eyepiece.  It also has a hand turn windage and elevation knobs.

The Nikon Monarch Series offers one of the best scopes available today for the money.  With all of its special features, and its one-piece tube construction, you're sure to find this scope to be one of the best on the market today.  Have more fun hunting, and enjoy greater accuracy with the Nikon Monarch Scopes.