The Nikon Omega Scope - In a Class By Itself

When you're ready for a new scope, it's always important to understand your options.  One unique scope is the Nikon Omega Series.  Nikon is a leading international supplier of precision optics and photo imagining technology.  Nikon scopes, and their company, are globally recognized for setting new standards in product design and in performance.  This is a company you can trust with a brand name that provides optics technology for leisure activities such as hunting.

Nikon Omega Overview

Nikon's Omega scope is a unique product on the market today as a muzzleloading riflescope.  This riflescope is intended to specifically cater to hunters shooting with muzzleloading rifles.  These scopes compliment the muzzleloading rifle, and allow hunters to take full advantage of their muzzleloaders.  How to they achieve this task?  Nikon says that the Omega is the first riflescope that has a bullet drop compensating reticle that is specifically designed for muzzleloading loads.  Their BDC-250 is a trajectory-compensating reticle that is designed and calibrated for fast and easy aiming points for many different shot distances.  The reticle was designed to be sighted-in at 100 yards with additional aiming point circles at 150 yards, 200 yards, 225 yards and 250 yards.

Extra Great Features

While a center fire rifle usually offers more effective long range shooting accuracy, the Omega scope allows muzzleloading riffles a similar accuracy.  Other great features on the Omega include a light transmission boost and a great field of view.  The light transmission boost has a maximum of 92% with Nikon's famous lens multi-coating technology. This means that it will bring game into crystal clear view even in low-light hunting situations.  It also has a very generous field-of-view.  It has a ¼-MOA click reticle adjustment and five inches of eye relief.  This means that even the hardest load won't hurt your eye.  In addition, the Omega is quite compact at 11.3 inches in length and 13.8 ounces in weight.

This scope offers all of Nikon's great features.  Each of their Omega scopes is waterproof, fogproof and shockproof.  Each one has a lifetime warranty that keeps you secure knowing that you've purchased a product that Nikon stands behind.  You'll find this product to be unique on the market as a muzzleloading scope, offering great accuracy and a clear view for all of your hunting goals.