Mueller Scopes

High Quality, Low Cost

Mueller Optics, a young, spirited but very mature company was founded by Richard Schlampp. Travelling the world in search of the right components and right factory to assemble the scopes has managed to position Mueller Optics to sell high quality scopes at lower prices. The multi-national approach is working well for them with much of the sourcing and manufacturing done in Japan. They are able to offer high quality products at lower prices because they've decided to place their investment dollars into their product rather than into costly advertising campaigns and the payoff is in being able to provide excellent scopes at affordable prices.

Top Performance

Despite the true affordability of Mueller Scopes, their quality and performance are top level. Unlike some of the lightweight "affordable" scopes available, Mueller Scopes are solid and well built with clean markings, they look good and are easy to mount. Images appear clear and crisp with good light gathering and clarity to the edge.

All Mueller lenses are fully multi-coated, having both sides of the glass and all glass components coated using a coating system which allows for maximum light transmission and long life. As with any multi-coated product, be aware of the kind of cleaners used on the glass. The lifetime manufacturers guarantee ensures that the scope will be replaced if there are any defects, mechanical failures or if the scope wears out. The warranty is fully transferable, so if you acquire a scope second hand, the warranty still stands.

Designed with a Difference

The Multi-Shot reticle is slightly different from the standard crosshair reticles allowing for quick decisions for distance without forfeiting accuracy. The Red Dot is small - 1 MOA - and is useful for both visibility and precision shooting and the scope almost has a mind of its own when it comes to finding the target. Windage and elevation adjustments are ¼ click, easy to turn and the clicks are very audible with movement, exactly as it should be.

Something for Everyone

No matter what type of hunting you're doing, the Mueller has an optic that is suitable for your needs. Performance is excellent in all conditions and the extremely fast, close-in performance means better accuracy and versatility. The Mueller Scopes will do exactly as anyone would expect from a better quality scope, and the price is kept within easy reach by a wise decision to invest in the product rather than advertising.