Simmons - High Quality, Low Cost

A Successful Match

When Meade Corporation took over Simmons Scopes in 2002, the management decided to reinvent their Simmons brand. And reinvent it they did. Innovative and consumer friendly products that are highly regarded in the outdoor optics sector have been a trademark of Simmons Optics for more than 25 years - now they're better than ever. Coupling Simmons' well-established name and their many industry firsts with Meade's resources and knowledge has proven to be a match made for success.

Great Quality, Low Cost Makes Simmons a Sought-After Brand

The combination of high quality and low cost makes Simmons one of the most sought after brands of binoculars for the serious hunter or bird watcher. They're packed full of features like roof prism systems, BK7 prism glasses and a body that is made from rubber to ensure a solid gripping surface and protection for the glasses. The Simmons ProSport compact and full-size binoculars come in a wide range of magnification options and configurations. They feature high-quality, fully coated optics, and they're engineered to delivery brilliant, high-resolution images with excellent contrast.

The ProSport Series of binoculars is the entry-level model - Simmons has four other ranges to offer. The Master Series is the best for outdoor sports and the Aetec Series make the countryside and deep woods even more beautiful. When it comes to something that works well in any weather situation, the Wilderness Series is the one to use and the High Sierra Series is super for boating or sports events in a stadium.

Magnification, Objective Lenses and FOV

Simmons offers both fixed magnification and variable ranged binoculars. The fixed magnification models have 7X, 8X, 10X, or 12X and several models have the low end and high end magnifications. The Wilderness series has the high end 12X50 models and the High Sierra has the 7X50 low end models. ProSport offers 8-17X25 variable magnifications and 8-24X 50 magnifications as well.

The objective lens sizes range from 21mm to 50mm, however, the 21mm size is only available in the ProSport Series but the 50mm size is available in almost all of the other models except the Master Series, which tops at 42mm. The lowest field of view (FOV) on all Simmons binoculars is 240 ft at 1,000 yards, topping at 430 ft. at 1,000 yards. The only model with the 430 foot range is the ProSport 8X30, so if a wide view is important, that's the model you want.

So Much to Choose From

With 29 models of binoculars across five series, most made with the quality BAK4 prism (except the High Sierra and ProSport models that have BK7), you have a lot to choose from when you're looking for quality binoculars. The best part is that none of these excellent products will break the bank. You can get a Master Series 10X42 model that is both waterproof and fog proof for under $200. The warranty is a Limited Lifetime Warranty that covers the binoculars from factory and manufacturing defects for the original owner only.