Burris' Specialty Scopes

Burris scopes offer an enormous range of products to fit every hunter or competitor's needs.  Their scopes are tested over a great deal of time, ensuring that each scope is made of the highest grade materials and that each scope is waterproof and fogproof.  They stand by their outstanding warranty under virtually any conditions and they offer some of the best scopes on the market today.  In addition to their traditional scopes, they have a number of specialty scopes that cater to specific needs of those using them.

The Specialty Scopes by Burris

These scopes are made with the unique needs of the hunter or leisure time activity user in mind.  Each scope has special features for those looking for a rimfire or airgun scope, a scout scope, a competition scope or a long-range rifle scope.

The Scout Scope

Burris has perfected the Scout Scopes and brings these products to those who love to use a Scout Scope.  Each scope has optical excellence, great durability and low mounting capacities.  Each scope uses high quality glass and index-matched multi-coating to create the optimal situation for scouting.

Compact Rimfire/Airgun

These scopes are considered perfect for light rifle shooting.  They have a very small size and weight, allowing them to be ideal for rimfires, competitive airguns, muzzleloaders and short action big game rifles. However, while they look small, they pack a great punch and perform like a larger scope.  They offer great edge-to-edge filed of view, an adjustable parallax range as close as seven yards, and a great cosmetic look.

Fullfield II Quad Scope

This new Quad 3x-9x riflescope is made to go perfectly with the versatility of a rimfire.  Since the rifle has four interchangeable barrels, the riflescope has four resettable adjustment dials that are color-coded to match the color coding on the Sako barrels of the rimfire rifle.  Once the shooter has all four barrels sighted in, the scope can then be adjusted to the corresponding dial color with no loss of zero.  This scope will also work with other rifles that have interchangeable barrels or even on standard rifles that shoot various types of ammunition for various purposes.  It can even be enjoyed by long range riflemen who can customize its use for multiple distances.  This is a great scope that creates versatility for many users!

Competition Scope 6X HBR

This scope is specifically designed for competitive shooters who want to look their best - and perform their best - while shooting.  It has a perfect 1/8th inch target clicker system and clicks that are both tactile and audible.  It includes superior quality lenses and a recoil proof internal lens pivot system.  This is the scope to have when your name and shooting ability are on the line in the next competition!

Other Scopes

Of course, in addition to these specialty scopes, Burris offers a huge selection of regular scopes to suit every shooter's needs.  In addition to rifle scopes, they have handgun scopes, scopes specifically designed for dusk and dawn, and many other interesting inventions.  Get the most out of your shooting experience - whether it's on the firing range or in the forest, with Burris Scopes.