Swarovski Optik

Early Roots

Inventor Daniel Swarovski (sometimes spelled Swarowski) created the world's first grinding machine for jewelry stones in 1895 in the Austrian town of Tyrol.  Today, the name Swarovski is synonymous with exquisite clear crystal, precision abrasives and grinding and cutting tools.  Product engineering is the center star in the diadem of this illustrious Group and has been the driving force since the company's inception.  When Wilhelm Swarovski, son of the original founder, was 17 years old in 1935, he decided he was going to build his own  improved binocular.  Using the technology already developed by his father, he began to walk the path to the founding and building of Swarovski Optik KG in Absam, Tyrol.  The year was 1949.  The Company's first serial product - the Habicht 7 x 42 - remains a standard in the field of hunting optics to this day.

A Star Is Born

Swarovski Optik created and introduced their extended telescope in 1967 and the first rubber-armored binocular in 1971.  Capturing the world stage once again in 1976 with the launch of a new rifle scope with a shock absorber for protecting the eye from recoil injuries, Swarovski again led the industry with creative genius.  The world's first wrap around grip binocular stole the show in 1999 and was the development of the decade.  Without a doubt, Swarovski Optik is a world leader in research, development and innovation when it comes to optics.

The Best Available

Wherever you are in the great outdoors, whether in the field, up in the mountains or near the water, the high magnification power of the Swarovski Spotting Scope is just what you need to be able to observe the fine details at great distances.  Regardless the weather conditions or time of day, the sharp, clear images are consistently available with these high-performance scopes.  It is little wonder they're considered the best of the best by many outdoors enthusiasts.

Outstanding Characteristics

The patented Swarovski coil spring system A (Registered) ensures reliable reticle adjustment and even if you're using a large caliber firearm, there is absolute shot resistance.  The superb quality, function, reliability and styling make the Swarovski riflescope desirable for all applications.  The high quality of these scopes make them among the most sought after worldwide for their precision, durability and premium optics.  In the US, the scopes are known as Swarovski PH rifle scope series for "Professional Hunter" however carry different names in Europe.  Any item may be ordered through their authorized dealers worldwide.