The Swift Warranty

Swift Sport Optics stands by all of its products and is proud of the many products that it manufactures. To this end, they have a Swift Lifetime Warranty that should put consumers' minds at ease as it demonstrates their commitment to producing optics with exceptional value.

All Swift Sport Optics products including their scopes, binoculars and more show a commitment to high quality and top performance. In addition, they demonstrate great workmanship and durable materials.

Swift Lifetime Warranty

Every SwiftPremier HP (High Performance) and SwiftPremier Riflescope and Pistol Scope is backed by the lifetime warranty, called the Swift Lifetime Warranty. This warranty guarantees that you always have the support you need for your products and that your products are protected against defects from the materials and problems from the workmanship.

Warranty Assistance

If you do find a defect in a product that is covered by the Swift Lifetime Warranty and a valid claim is submitted and received.  Here is what will happen next. The product may be repaired with no charge to the customer either using completely new or refurbished replacement parts. If this is not possible, an exchange will be made so that the customer receives either a brand new product, or one that is made from new or serviceable used parts. This product will need to be equivalent in the way that it functions to the original product.

International Sales

One important caveat to the policy is the following. If the product was purchased outside of North America, it is not included in this warranty. It is, however, covered under other warranties that are issued by Swift Optics International, BV. In order to find out more details about these warranties, you can call your local International Distributor and receive more detailed information from them.

What's Covered

The warranty only covers certain defects, including those that arise from normal use of the optics. The warranty does not apply if you have repaired or altered the product without Swift's approval or if you have not maintained your product in accordance with the operating instructions from Swift. If the product has been changed by accident or if there has been an usual amount of stress or abuse to the product, the warranty does not apply.

Items Not Covered

In addition, there are certain Swift products that aren't covered by the warranty. These include protective caps, windage and elevation caps, pouches or cases, accessories and general cleaning and maintenance of the product.

Swift wants you to enjoy your scope or other products and to use them for years of dependable use. Should you have issues or questions, their customer service team is available to assist you and can be reached at (877) 697-9438. Get more from your optics equipment with Swift - and enjoy the commitment that they offer with their warranty!