Tasco Rifle Scopes - Find Your Perfect Scope

If you like the idea of being able to mount your scope in a lower position on your rifle, be sure to consider the new Tasco scopes. These scopes were specifically engineered so that they could be mounted in a lower position while at the same time providing a large objective lens to the shooter.

The new line by Tasco, EXP Extreme Performance, debuted with an oval objective lens, which was significantly different than many of the wide view lens that were sold in the past with an asymmetrical lens. While the older lens did provide a wider viewing range they did not offer a lot of light.

The new EXP Tasco scopes provide a variable of power magnification. Two options are offered. The lower magnification model ranges from 1.5 to 5 power magnification, while the more powerful model ranges from 3 to 9 power variable. This gives you enough power, regardless of what type of hunting you might be enjoying. With an objective lens measuring 54 mm by 42 mm, you have the choice of mounting the scope low on the rifle, just as you would with any 42mm scope; however, you also gain tremendous light-gathering capability. In fact, the new Tasco lenses are able to gather just as much light as larger objective lenses, even though the area is not much larger than a traditional 42mm scope.

The EXP Tasco scopes are able to provide as much light as possible to pass through the scope without the risk of losing any from reflection due to a special coating applied to the scope. Regardless of whether you're hunting at dusk or when the day is just beginning you can focus on your target and obtain a clear image with this scope. When you find yourself hunting in a low light situation, the ability to dial up the power on this scope can be quite handy and convenient.

You will also find that the new Tasco scopes have a finish that is quite unlike many of the other scopes currently on the market, as well. This scope has been finished with a coating that is dull and matte, providing a smooth, quality feel and look.

In addition, the eye-piece was also designed to provide the maximum amount of convenience while hunting. There is no lock ring, which means that it can be easily maneuvered for easy adjustments.

As with all their products, Tasco offers a No-Fault Lifetime Warranty, which means that if you have any problem with your scope, Tasco will either replace it or repair it, regardless of the reason the scope failed.