Nikon Scopes Tips

Rifle Scope: Price and Valve
The saying "you get what you pay for" holds true particularly for rifle scopes, the tube responsible for magnifying your image and aligning your device for better field of view and shooting precision. Some rifles may come with the whole package, including the scope, sling, and other features. However, experts agree that the quality of the rifle scope that comes with the rifle may not help your shooting aim at all. In fact, if you want to improve your shooting precision and magnification skip the packaged deal and invest roughly $ 200- $250 for a decent Nikon rifle scope. This may sound like a lot at first, but when you start shopping around for quality optics, some scopes may sell at the thousand dollar mark or higher.

Why use a Scope?
The advantages of a using a scope are many. Some hunters and target shooters may find that they have a hard time focusing on their target, however, a good quality scope with the right magnification for the type of shooting being done, can correct the problem and increase the precision in shots.

Rifle scopes also allow hunters to get a closer look at their game. For instance, a hunter can check if the White Tail they're aiming at is not actually a Black Angus with the variety of magnification, scopes offer.

If you're not a regular hunter or shooter, rifle scopes are still great for you, because they're easy to use and will prove beneficial to the novice shooter.

Nikon rifle scopes allow you to view your target well in the evening with a 95 % light transmission. In other words, regardless of the lighting conditions, you're Nikon rifle scope will not let you down when it comes to precision. In fact, the Nikon Monarch UCC comes with an Ultra ClearCoat technology— an anti-reflective coat, and is 100 % weatherproof.

Riflescope: What Power to Use?
Powers refers to magnification. Most scopes indicate their lowest and highest magnifications. If the lowest setting is 3x that means the object that you're viewing through you're Nikon rifle scope will appear three times larger than it would have to your naked eye.

Using a high magnification doesn't mean you'll yield more accurate shots. In fact, experts agree that the magnification to use while hunting should be 4x. Since anything higher than this will narrow you're field of view and make the executions of closer shots more difficult.

However, for zooming in on game, you may want to set your scope at 9x; although you're rifle scope may have a 12x setting. Since the higher the magnification the less focused the movement of the crosshairs will be on your target. A good Nikon scope is the Monarch UCC with its 3-9×40 power and attractive matte finish.