The Unique Nightforce Scope

Nightforce scopes are unique for many reasons.  Whether you're looking to hunt large dangerous game, or you're just hoping for a scope that offers the most accuracy, Nightforce is the right choice.  These scopes are constantly tested in real world situations, as they are used by the U.S. military and Special Services throughout the world, by law enforcement personnel, and by award winning shooters and hunters. 

While there are many Nightforce scopes on the market today, each with its own unique purpose, there are many features that all of these scopes share.  Each scope undergoes over 70 different tests at the factory in Idaho, ensuring that it is of the highest quality before being sold.  In addition, each scope includes specific features that make it one of the best in the world.

Optical Indexing

Every lens in each of the Nightforce scopes is matched and aligned by hand.  This technique is called optical indexing and it allows for the highest possible optical performance.  This process takes a good deal of time and expertise; creating a time-consuming process that many scope companies don't bother to employ.  Nightforce does, and does it well.

Objective Lenses

The objective lens on the scope predicts the resolution, light transmission and exit pupil size.  The Nightforce scopes use an objective lens that is similar to that found on high quality telescopes.  It has a multi-element design and focuses light rays more precisely than other scopes.  This creates great image clarity and color accuracy, making your hunting experience more authentic and clearer.


Every Nightforce tube is made from solid bar stock 6061-T6 aircraft-grade aluminum alloy.  These tubes are two to three times as thick as those on other riflescopes.  This creates a scope that has more thermal stability, a consistent zero and a strong shield for the precision optics inside.  

Pressure Spring

Each spring that maintains the pressure on the elevation and windage adjustments undergoes a two week process in the factory before being placed into a Nightforce scope.  During the two weeks in the polishing tumbler, the spring is checked to make sure that there are no rough spots or burrs that could interfere with a smooth operation.  These springs are made with titanium, known for its ability to be compressed and held in place for years without loosening or becoming fatigued.  Titanium makes these springs much more expensive than comparable springs found in most scopes - but the price is nothing compared to the precision and dependability that titanium offers.  


Every Nightforce riflescope leaves the factory with a reticle already installed by factory experts.  These reticles can be changed anytime by sending the scope back to the factory and requesting a change.  All scopes are equipped with laser-etched reticles, each designed for the specific shooting needs of the customer.  The laser-etching on the optical glass ensures a clear reticle with no distortions.  In addition, for low light conditions, a reliable internal light source lights illuminates the reticle.  This creates more accuracy in low light, low contrast situations. 

Whether you're a big game hunter, a competitive shooter or a law enforcement agent, you'll find accuracy and enjoyment with Nightforce riflescopes.  These scopes are used the world over by the military and law enforcement, and are the scopes of choice for many World Record holding and World Champion shooters.