Weaver Scopes Bring it Home with a Grand Slam

Weaver scopes have enjoyed a long history; in fact, they were introduced as far back as 1930 and ever since then Weaver has become a very well known name in the hunting and shooting world. Traditionally, the most popular Weaver scopes have been the 330 and the 440, delivering excellent quality for good value during their long history.

Like a few other riflescope companies throughout the years; however, Weaver found itself pushed against the wall despite their long history of quality production and joined the fate of many of their rivals. During the past few years the company was sold out numerous times; joining Weaver in the 1990's; when the company was able to once again become known as one of the best in the industry. Not long after that Meade bought out Weaver, along with Redfield and Simmons and completely modernized the once again well known Weaver scopes.

weaver rifle scopeThe Grand Slam scopes line was introduced as a result of this merger and it can easily be said that Weaver scopes have never been better. While Weaver produces a line of several different scopes, the Grand Slam line is definitely a contender.

The line includes several options including variable power scopes such as the 1.5-5x32mm and the 3-10x40mm as well as the 3.5-10x50mm and the 4.5-14x40mm scope. The 6-20x4mm AO variable power and the fixed power 4.75x40mm are also available in the new Grand Slam lineup.

These new scopes are capable of taking a beating if the situation calls for it. Designed with tubes that are manufactured from aircraft quality aluminum, the scopes are 1" in diameter with lenses crafted from camera quality glass. Multi-coatings are provided to further reduce glare while elevation and windage adjustments can be clicked and conducted with no use of special tools required.

It would seem that just about every thought and consideration has been given to this new lineup of Weaver scopes. The exterior is provided with a rubberized fast focus ring as well as a sure-grip exterior that can easily be handled even when you're wearing gloves. To further prove the quality of this new lineup, Meade has provided the Grand Slam line with full fogproof, waterproof and shockproof capabilities. A limited lifetime warranty is also offered, with repair or replacement of any defective scope at no charge as long as the scope is owned by the original owner.

While Weaver has enjoyed an excellent reputation for many years, it would seem they don't intend to let go of their sights for the future any time soon with the new Grand Slam line. With models offered at a very reasonable price, these scopes look as though they are going to remain competitive with some of the top of the line for a long time to come.