Yukon - Not Just Way Up North

What do you think of when you hear the word, Yukon? Cold? Snow? Bear? Or, some of the finest, one-of-a-kind, technologically advanced optics products in the entire world? If you're a shooter, you are thinking of rifle scopes, probably night vision rifle scopes at that.

Yukon Advanced Optics

Yukon Advanced Optics has created a wide range of versatile products and accessories, light weight, compact and durable and of the highest quality. Yukon can boast the lowest return/failure ratio in the optics industry and likely one reason for that is their rubber-armoured body design which is not only attractive, with its sure-grip design, but also shockproof, waterproof and/or water-resistant.

They've stepped things up in the professional optics department with their new line of law enforcement and tactical night vision optics which they are producing under the name Centurion Systems. This new line features premium-grade night vision scopes, goggles and equipment for law enforcement professionals. Their products have been used successfully by drug enforcement agents, wildlife agencies as well as the US Military and private security forces.

Yukon Advanced Optics pride themselves on the fact that their optics are made from the finest glass with special attention paid to design of the optics, created to function perfectly in such areas as magnification, exit pupil, eye relief, brightness, clarity and weight.

NVRS Titanium Night Vision Rifle Scopes

The NVRS Titanium line of night vision rifle scopes had toughness and function at the heart of the design. The state-of-the-art titanium body allows for a lightweight, durable and protective covering for the night-vision tubes found inside. This scope has incredible light gathering capacities resulting in bright, high resolution images. The reticle is a mil-dot type red luminous which has internal windage and elevation adjustments. The reticle brightness can be turned off to adjust to suit the shooter by using an external knob. This feature comes in handy when the eyepiece is converted to the optional camera adapter. There's an activation switch which, because it is a remote, can be placed wherever the user finds most convenient and comfortable. Image brightness is enhanced by the built-in, easily activated infrared illuminator. Everything about this scope is designed to make it the perfect choice for the shooter who needs durability, convenience and dependability.

Daytime Hunter Scopes

The Yukon 3-9x40 Hunter daytime riflescope has been engineered and built with the hunter in mind - just as its name implies. While hunting out in the field, almost unlimited flexibility is provided by the variable magnification range; lower power for short distance, rapid fire shooting in light to dense cover and the higher power for longer distances and more open and clear terrain. The increased optical resolution and outstanding light transmission permits viewing in those really tough spots and the long eye relief allows for more variety and better positioning options. Windage and elevation are easy to adjust with the oversized knobs and the fast-focusing eyepiece means crisp, clear daytime optics. The reliability and accuracy are standard expectations of the fine, highest-quality optics used to develop this precision scope.