Adirondack Innovation

When you want military equipment that is completely American owned, than Adirondack Optics it the place to look. They take great pride in their 100% American products and they are dedicated to creating innovative products for sporting, law enforcement, military and more.


Adirondack has a subsidiary, DBA Legend Technologies, and they operate all of their military and law enforcement business through this company. Their current military contract is part of the DOD's Future Combat Systems project, which is currently budgeted for $127 billion! Their primary focus is to create an unmanned, robotic warrior that would allow for both surveillance and offensive combat actions. This would be controlled remotely in a safe location, allowing soldiers to fight without putting themselves in as much danger. Adirondack Optics job has been to develop the optics portion for this robotic project.

Law Enforcement

Legend Technologies is developing an ingenious PistolCam that can attach to a pistol and take pictures of the events that are occurring. The intent is that this would be used by the law enforcement community to lessen the number of situations where police are accused of using unjustified force. When the gun discharges, the camera would take a digital image of the target to document the events.


SmartScope is the latest technology leap set out by Adirondack for the riflescope industry. It is the greatest technology advancement, according to Adirondack, in the industry in the last fifty years. It is the world's first integrated digital camera riflescope, and it was first introduced at the 2003 annual Shot Show which is the largest outdoor trade show in the world. The retail price has dropped significantly since its introduction in the fall of 2004, and has gone from $1695 to $599. Their goal now is to make similar products at even lower prices, allowing the vast majority of people to be able to afford this remarkable product.

Adirondack is at the forefront of leading innovations in the military, law enforcement and hunting communities. They want people to remain safe and happy with their guns and to support American companies, such as theirs, that bring exceptional value to the market today.