Simmons Rifle Scopes Reinvent the Industry

If you're looking to upgrade your accessories, look no further than the Simmons rifle scopes. In case you're not aware of the fact Simmons was actually bought out several years ago by Meade Instruments of California. Meade has been well known for producing some of the most advanced telescopes in both commercial and recreational fields. It was greatly anticipated when the buyout took place that the Simmons rifle scopes would begin to demonstrate some of the high class features that Meade has come to be associated with in it's long history. That has definitely proven to be the case with the introduction of the Master Series from Simmons.

Several of the Simmons rifle scopes sport some new technology, including the ProHunter, ProSport and the AETEC scopes as well as the ProDiamond scopes. Just one of the features you'll see in the new lineup of Simmons scopes is a side focus parallax adjustment. This feature is available on variable power models with high-magnification.

One thing that won't change in the new Simmons Master Series is the high-quality glass configurations and multicoatings that shooters have enjoyed for years. If anything the quality of the configuration will now be even better that Meade is involved in the picture.

simmons rifle scopeOne problem that Meade has worked to resolve, common to many high power rifle scopes, is elimination of the fringe that often appears around the edge of an image. By combining different types of glass along with better quality optical coatings, Meade believes they have finally solved this problem and may have just revolutionized the rifle scopes industry as a whole. Premium ED glass is used in the design of the objective lens. This is something that has never been done before in the production of scopes and although it may seem to be a bit revolutionary, that may just be what the industry needs to set it spinning toward new heights. With the use of this new construction application, the lenses are able to actually correct according to color, which can significantly reduce the amount of chromatic aberration that is experienced. In addition, resolution and contrast are simultaneously enhanced right along with light transmission. All of this results in images that are stronger and brighter and well as more accurate.

If you're the type that likes to stay on the cutting edge of the industry, you need look no further than the new Simmons rifle scopes line. They have the future in target and are zeroing in for perfection.