Redfield Scopes - A Unique Line of Riflescopes

Redfield scopes feature a number of unique and innovative attributes that have made them sought after in recent years.  While the company has had a bumpy history, today, they produce outstanding scopes that hunters value and appreciate for their ingenuity and accuracy.

The Redfield History

Redfield scopes have been produced for almost 100 years and were started in Colorado.  They were a leading provider of scopes for hunting and leisure activities for quite awhile and were one of the most popular brands available.  However, during the 1990's, they started to find the competition fierce.  As they were decreasing in popularity and having a great deal of trouble staying up with the competition, Meade stepped in and took over Redfield.  Meade was interested in moving into rifle optics and wanted to keep the Redfield line going.  As a result, Redfield moved to Georgia, where Meade now produces four Redfield lines of scopes.  It is important to know that Meade does not honor warranties on old Redfield scope models, but it does offer a lifetime warranty on any new Redfield scopes that are manufactured and sold through the company today.

Important Details with Redfield Scopes

Today, the Redfield engineers have created some innovative optical designs that help their scopes to leap to the top of the market.  Such innovations include the objective lenses and coatings, the eyepiece, the magnification range and the windage.

The Objective Lenses

Many riflescopes have difficulty with the coloring that the shooter sees around the image.  This problem is called chromatic aberration and causes a blue or yellow frame to appear around the image that the shooter is targeting.  Many companies correct this problem by using multiple lenses; however this adds weight and more details to the scope and only helps the problem partially.  Redfiled uses a special apochromatic lense (APO) that is specifically designed to correct this color problem.  It dramatically reduces the problem while increasing the contrast, the resolution and the light transmission.

The Eyepiece

Every Redfield scope includes a QTA™ (Quick Target Acquisition) eyepiece.  This eye piece has a large eye box to create more room to move the eye and to ensure a faster view of the target.  It also includes 4 inches of eye relief throughout the entire 5x zooming range.  This means that you'll get one of the most clear, distortion-free images offered by any riflescope when you use a Redfield scope.

Lens coating

Redfield engineers use a precise, broadband coating that allows the viewer to increase his light transmission by an extra 2.8% over regular fully multi-coated lens systems.  This allows the viewer to ensure that the maximum amount of light reaches his view, even in very low light situations.  Furthermore, the engineers' new hydro-phobic lens coating called HydroShield™ controls difficulties that hunters face with the elements.  This coating is water and fog resistant to guarantee a clear view in all weather conditions.

5x Magnification

All Redfield scopes feature a 5x magnification range with a patent-pending 3-cam zooming system.  This is an incredible feat and something that no other scopes have accomplished.  This allows for an incredible diversity of usage with these scopes. They can be enjoyed for close range hunting or for ultra long-range targets.  Any field of view is possible with this magnification and zooming.

Windage and Elevation Dials

Redfield has dials called TrueZero that guarantee that your windage and elevation dials are perfectly on target when you need them.  They have a ball bearing and spring system that create precision.  They have new fingertip-style adjustment knobs that can be used in any weather conditions and also have target turret-style features that come in either ¼ or 1/8 MOA versions.  When you want to reset to zero, all you have to do with the Redfield scopes is push down on the dial and turn the indicator to zero.  The dial will lock in place at that point, and you'll be set!

Enjoy the various classes of Redfield scopes, knowing that no matter which one you select, it will have all of these special features.  Meade is carrying on the Redfield tradition and producing fantastic scopes that take you where you want to go, accurately.