Leatherwood Wm. Malcolm Riflescopes

First established in 1855, Wm. Malcolm is the oldest name in scope manufacturing. The Wm. Malcolm Rifle Telescope Company produced scopes that were considered to be the finest of their day. However, the company stopped producing its own products many years ago. Today Leatherwood Hi-Lux Riflescopes have taken the authentic vintage styling of the Malcolm scopes and merged it with modern scope making technology.

Leatherwood Has Taken The Original Design And Made It Better

For instance, the Leatherwood Wm. Malcolm 6x Telescopic Rifle Scope 32" Long with Mount M634321 has features that were missing on the original design. They have incorporated fully multi-coated lenses and a nitrogen-filled tube to prevent fogging. It can be mounted on rifles with barrels ranging from 28-34 inches. This rifle scope comes with heavy recoil base and "rabbit-eared" type mount to keep the scope secure. It has the old-style look with easier mounting and dismounting capabilities. While it is not a Wm. Malcolm Replica, which has to be special ordered and shipped (which can take up to a year), the Leatherwood Wm. Malcolm scope has all of the vintage styling at half the cost.

The Wm. Malcolm Short Scope, 3X Magnification

The Leatherwood Wm. Malcolm 17-inch Short Riflescope uses a caged rear mount for great versatility. This scope was originally designed by Wm. Malcolm in the late 1880s-1890s and is, like the long scope, adjustable for windage and elevation. The new versions of this vintage design come complete with precise external adjustment front and rear mounts with 1,000 yard capability using the standard .45-70 rifle cartridge. The short scope has a 3x magnification.

The Long Scope With 6X Magnification

The scopes feature screw-in extensions which allow mounting on a wide range of barrel lengths. The well designed mounting system of the long scope utilizes the existing dove-tail cuts for the front and rear sights which means there is a minimal need for gunsmithing. The Wm. Malcolm Long scope is currently available with 6x magnification and a four-inch screw extension, making it perfect for most 30 inch barrel length rifles. There is a full four inch eye relief for protection from the recoil of large bore black powder cartridge rifles.

Some Specs and Technical Tips

The elevation range is 200 minutes for a 34 inch barrel and more for shorter barrel rifles. These scopes don't need a parallax adjustment because the optical system is designed like the originals. The objective lens has a 400mm focal length which means there is very little difference in the focus distance for 100 meters to infinity. There is only a few thousandths of an inch difference in the image location which means that the parallax adjustment can be eliminated and the scope is sealed better.

There is a technical tip for mounting the long scope which comes with a heavy duty base, heavy duty recoil ring and tube locking clamp. In order to mount it, two holes will need to be "tap and dyed" with the two set screws included due to the heavy recoil action.

Leatherwood Hi-Lux not only provides The Wm. Malcolm Long and Short Scopes, they also have a technical rep to help you out if you have problems with mounting the scope.