ATN-Day Or Night Scopes

What Makes ATN So Great?

American Technologies Network Corp. (ATN) is best known for providing state of the art night vision options of the highest quality at the best dollar value. This relatively young company has made its mark through design, technology and performance. The unparalleled pure grades of glass used for lens surfaces, along with grinding with the same equipment used to produce some of the best satellite optics, ensure the best image quality without distortion.

Established solidly in the field of night vision riflescopes, ATN has moved into the area of day time rifle scope manufacture. They've taken the same creativity used to develop their night scopes and transferred it to daylight design. The same innovative "push and pull" mechanism with silicone padding found in the Professional series scopes, is now used in such popular designs as the ATN 5X33L Day Time Rifle Scope.

Established Technology Is Carried Over To New Concepts

In the ATN 5X33L Day Time Rifle Scope, lens coatings were developed in order to help prevent glare and scratches while providing a sharp image in both bright and low light conditions. This scope is very user friendly, a simple to use scope which also has some of the most advanced features available today. When the ATN Professional line was developed, accuracy was the number one priority and with the 1/8 M.O.A. windage and elevation click adjustment, the ATN Professional 5X33L offers twice the precision of other scopes with M.O.A. adjustments. The combination of precision windage and elevation adjustments, a 500 yard range finder and bullet drop compensator all merge into a scope which will satisfy the most particular and demanding shooter. Top it all off with the illuminated reticle which has a 10 position rheostat so you can adjust the intensity of the reticle to your specific lighting conditions and you have the best scope available.

MARS, God Of War and Name Of The Newest Addition To ATN

A brand new flagship line of night vision scopes, the specialty of the company, has recently been unveiled. The ATN MARS Series was inspired by Mars, the Roman god of war who inspired legions to overcome any obstacle in their path on the road to success. The MARS Series is the latest in night vision technology combined with reliability and rugged durability.

The MARS night vision riflescopes come equipped with two magnification options; a powerful 6x lens or a fast 4x lens. As with any ATN scope, both of these new items feature specially designed optics using only the very purest glass and, as with all ATN lenses, they are individually hand fitted and calibrated to achieve optimum night time performance.

Taking advantage of the latest night vision technology, the ATN MARS night vision rifle scopes use the highest quality MX10160 type intensifier tubes and are available with a wide array of configurations to satisfy any requirements and specifications.

The MARS night vision scopes are the perfect solution for professional use in the law enforcement and military arenas as well as for target shooting and varmint hunting or for anybody looking for a top notch night vision riflescope.