Understanding Your ATN Product

When you purchase a scope with American Technologies Network Corp, you know that you are getting a great product. Their scopes are an exceptional value and they are long lasting, and dependable. Here are more details about each aspect of the ATN value.

Optics that Last

ATN provides state-of-the-art night vision optics for all of their products. They use the highest grade of glass from optical grade sands in the Black and Caspian Seas. Other German manufacturers have taken ATN's lead and are now using this unpolished glass from the Sea for their biometrics. Furthermore, they calculate their optical designs with amazing computer software. Their R&D team includes engineers who have been educated around the world. They grind and polish all of their lenses on some of the same type of equipment that has produced satellite optics with tolerances that exceed .0001. Finally, they use high apertures and IR multi-coating on all lens surfaces to create the maximum light transmission.

Construction of Optics

The IIT (image intensifier tube) is one of the most important parts of the night vision device. ATN gets the best image intensification technologies from US and European producers. They also build their own power supplies to ensure that the IIT has the best performance possible. Finally, their attention to detail is the most obvious with the construction of their scopes and other optics. They use titanium, aircraft quality aluminum alloys and hi-impact plastic composites. In addition, they have o-rings, nitrogen purging and a solid exterior power coating. This ensures that each scope and other device will withstand all weather conditions.

Innovation and Selection with ATN

When you want to make sure that you have enough choice, ATN is the company to go to. They have the world's largest selection of night vision products. They have pocket scopes, monoculars, binoculars, bi-oculars, goggles, weapon sights and more. Overall, they have over 100 different models from which to choose! Today, you'll find a built-in infrared illuminator for total darkness with many of your night vision tools. ATN was an innovator of this feature that is now used throughout the industry. Every single unit that they sell has this option, and some of their units have the most powerful type in the industry. They have a huge variety of patents for their night vision features and are constantly adding to this list. They were the first to have interchangeable lenses, optical doublers and remote controls for their night vision devices!

Great Value with ATN

Finally, ATN offers products at a great value to their customers. Why? They are the manufacturers of all of their products, not the distributors. This means that you can find an ATN scope for less than you can with other companies. When your scope arrives, you'll also have detailed instructions in a manual, a retail gift box, and all required hardware and batteries with your product. You won't have to search for anything to ensure that your scope is ready to use - it's all available for you in one package. In addition, you'll receive a video showing you true night vision scenes with each device, so that you can see the devices in action and see how to use them better. All ATN night vision products have at least a two year warranty. Some of the premium products even have a three-year warranty. You can rest assured that your product is covered should something happen to it and that it's made to the highest standards possible.

Enjoy your ATN product more knowing that it is made to the highest standard and that it has great features. ATN stands behind each of its products so that you can stand behind your gun with confidence and skill!