ATN Optics

Holding Fast - ATN

As the world plunges forward into more advances and finer tuning of existing equipment, it is important to be ahead of the game. Technological advances and precision development are key words in the world of optics. One company that has moved into the league of world leaders in high-quality optics and Night Vision Devices is ATN. They have created their reputation around low cost, innovation and customer service - and it looks like they'll continue to hold their position as we move into the next phase of development.

ATN products have excelled due to the extensive technologies and innovative designs they continue to turn out. The rugged durability and optical performance of their products keeps ATN on the cutting edge of the industry.

Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Devices

ATN is probably best known for their extensive line of Night Vision and Thermal Imaging Devices. The research and development branch of ATN is introducing their SMART technology in more products. Smart Total Darkness Technology provides the user total control in the hi-tech industry of Night Vision. It consists of a computerized proximity sensor, digital controls and a long-range Infrared Illuminator. This technology determines the intent of the user looking through the scope. It turns on automatically when the scope is brought to the user's eye and turns off when it is removed from the eye automatically. All of the buttons and controls are digital. The technology advises when batteries are low and the color coded LEDs tell you which mode you are using. There are several more features to this technology - it's pretty much idiot proof.

Night Vision Goggles

On a practical level, this technology is superb when applied in the ATN Viper Night Vision Goggle. Anyone who loves hunting, boating, or any other sort of night adventure will find this item more than useful. It's best for hands-free activities like fishing or paintball. You can use it as a compact monocular or as a great way to get night photo shots (if you're an aspiring photographer).

The ATN Viper goggle system features a night-vision high-resolution zoom that weighs only 9 ounces, even though the lens is a high quality glass that is heavy-coated. There is an automatic brightness control a built-in IR illuminator, an eyepiece that you can adjust, single-switch button operation and a manual focus system. The case is soft and it's dust and water resistant. This unit is small, has excellent magnification and is hands-free. The goggles come with the necessary 3V lithium battery and are ready to go.