Move Over Gentlemen

5 Million Women Shooters - 3 Million of Them Hunt

There seems to be a mindset that the participation of women in the sport of hunting is a relatively new phenomenon. The fact of the matter is that women have been hunting for many generations. Perhaps the reason that it seems as though they're new on the scene is because the number of women hunters has grown by 75% in the past few years, although that number has fallen somewhat over the past decade. Of five million women shooters, three million of them are avid hunters according to a study by the National Sporting Goods Association.

The Challenge of Finding a Rifle

One of the challenges women shooters face is that most rifles are designed for men who have an average height of 5'8". The average stature of women is 5'4", a variance that makes finding a suitable rifle more challenging. The heavier cartridges that are suitable for a male shooter are not suitable for the smaller stature of a woman.

In spite of the challenge, there are many rifles and cartridges that are suitable for women shooters. The recoil is low yet they can still take down bigger game. A .22 cartridge is smaller caliber and lighter in weight and also has low recoil. Rifles that are .22 caliber are just right for rabbits and birds, the ammunition is affordable and easy to find. The Remington 7mm-08 and the Winchester .243 and .308 are all popular and very well suited for smaller framed hunters who are out for medium game.

Have One Custom Made

To make shooting even more comfortable and easier, many women prefer to use youth rifles. Many manufacturers design smaller versions of their rifles to suit the upcoming youth market. These make great options for smaller framed women. You might also want to consider a gunsmith to have the perfect fit for your firearm. If you have trouble finding a rifle that is comfortable and fits your frame, having one custom made may be the best way to address the issue.

Online shopping for women's hunting rifles and supplies can be challenging. Sometimes you just have to "go shopping" and stick with it until you find what you're looking for. Many stores will order special items in, which may be what you'll need to do.

Regardless, the options are great and the opportunities to get out in the wild to hunt take you to a whole new level. Move over men - the women are here, armed and ready to hunt.